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The power of awareness workshop ~ learning to lift each other up 💪🏻 Often we feel defeated or that we have to power through things on our own - WHEN IN FACT - when we join together we have the ability to lift each other up - over and over again - #aspiretoinspire #ipptraining #everyprohasacoach #intentionalliving #thepowerofawareness



#transfromationtuesday is a throw back to this chick here who is coming up on her one year anniversary of CRUSHING the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® lifestyle THROUGH the holidays. I want you to see that it is 100% possible and you can start 2019 feeling your very best ahead of the game. I love what Gretchen shares about her experience with the FASTer Way because she is just so real- . . . "About half way through the program I provided Emily some feed back about how awesome I felt, about how I wanted to wake up and exercise and how much better I was sleeping within the first week of the program. I still feel the same now that the program is over!! I had initially told her that I wanted to wait to sign up for another round after the completion of my first round so I could see my results however with 2.5 weeks remaining in the first round I knew things were good and I signed up for round 2! results are not just good they are great and none of this felt like work! If you are looking for actual weight loss program then you may be a bit disappointed but you also may be disappointed when all those lost pounds are packed back on HOWEVER if you are looking for a lifestyle change and better health then this is the program for you. Last year I had lost 30lbs and I am 8lbs heavier than then HOWEVER I can wear pants being 8lbs heavier while I wasn't even able to get them up after a 30lb weight loss. I have definitely replaced a whole lot of fat already for muscle after only 6 weeks AND I would be totally lying if I told you that I was committed 100%...I think 60-75% might even be a stretch. So not being 100% committed, I still dropped 16 3/4" and over 11lbs and let me add that all of this was through the month of December and the first part of January. So stop putting off until tomorrow what you can do today! So thankful I did! "



One of my absolute favorite things to do with my children is teach them where things come from. Apple picking, blueberry picking, strawberry picking, gardening, visiting other gardens, visiting farms, etc. These are all some of my very favorite memories and activities with my girls. I'm so thankful I live in a time and place where knowledge is so easily accessible. Teaching the girls to appreciate the hard work that goes into our food and teaching them the value of food that is good for their bodies is something I'm continually learning how to do better. This was our haul last week from an orchard near us. Different kinds of apples, milk from the nearby dairy farm, freshly baked apple cider doughnuts and freshly baked bread. So much deliciousness. #JinksEat #ApplePicking #Apples #Apple #Toddler #ToddlerLife #AToddlerTale #LifewithLittles #LifewithToddlers #MomLife #IntentionalLiving #IntentionalParenting #Parenthood #Parenting #Mothering #Motherhood #Memories #Autumn #ToddlerActivities #Fall #JinksGardening





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