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Love the simplicity of this system! #isagenix



When you wake at 3:15am and don’t get back to sleep you can count on this to get you through the day. @isagenixanz #energy #isagenix #feelinggoodallday



Life happens. And yes, I had a bleeding in my brain. So what. I'm receiving this as a blessing. Because it changed my whole view about life. So if I have to recover from this bleeding I might as well so do it in style. And what better place to go and have my nails done by the owner of @bellissima_nailsg The best nail stylist in Singapore! I'm focusing on the things that make me happy. That will help me heal. This isn't just about getting my nails done. It's about turning around that this happened to me; how can I make the best of it? What contributes to my healing? To CHOOSE to not be a victim of v what happens to me. And be with people who lift me up. And at the same time; rest. Thank you Anita for cheering me up and making me feel more beautiful again with my gorgeous nails. I felt so welcome and taken care of. I love how you worked so fast and gave me time to choose my colours. How relaxed you were. Thank you for making me feel happy! ** People don't care about your status. They care about how you make them feel *** 💅💖😘🤩❣️🙌🌟 #healthylifestyle #nails #femininepresence #riseandfall #instamom #emotionalfreedom #womenempowerment #femaleleadership #selfcare #momentrepreneurs #financialfreedom #selfworth #confidence #artoffemininepresence #selflove #justdoit #misson #perseverance #innerpower #innerstrength #wombspace #meditations #sisterhood #womeninbusiness #authenticpower #isagenix #weightloss #happinessquotes #lawofattraction #lifeforce



Transformation vibes for your weekend 🙌🏼 #hellyes



Frosty? Frosty?? Noooooo! 😭😭😭 Apparently #snowmen don’t live long in #Hawaii. ☃️☃️☃️ #GnomeForTheHolidays #MeleKalikimaka #FrotsyTheSnowman #Isagenix @isagenix



“Before this Nutritional System, I was very unhealthy and lethargic. My feet, legs, and back hurt all the time. I had no energy and considered myself the ultimate couch potato. Fortunately, I was introduced to this Nutritional System by a family member’s Facebook post, which stated he had lost 22,5KG in a short time. I started using the system myself in November 2015. In the first month, my wife, Laurie, had seen such a change in me that she asked for her own Nutritional System box. Within a few months, we saw results. I released 20KG, Laurie released 10KG, and both of us gained a lot of energy and felt much better. Since then, we have reached even more impressive weight loss goals. I have released 52KG, and Laurie has released 25KG total. We have also been working out together for over 2 ½ years. We both enjoy using the AMPED™️ line as well as many other healthy aging products and love how all the Nutritional System work well together to fit our ever-changing needs. With this Healthy System, Laurie and I have been able to achieve much more than we ever expected. Our whole family is active now. We go skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking in the mountains near our home together. I have even been running obstacle course races with our oldest daughter, Kayla. We are truly blessed to be able to share this Health System with family, friends, and many others in our lives today. We continue to lead a positive, productive, and healthy lifestyle and look forward to achieving our long-term wellness goals with this Nutritional System.” Congratulations Steve and Laurie Arnold! Your results are incredible! Results You Can't Get Anywhere Else™️ #isagenix #healthylifestyle #transformyourbody #transformyourlife #food



Hora de descansar...😴😴😴 #accionmillonaria #reto9dias #isagenix #mexico #cdmx



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