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Got my boots today! 😁😀😊 Ugh this could be a bad idea! 🤪😳 I love them!







Cincinnati Bloggers take on Columbus ✌🏻 We are headed North this weekend for a fabulous blogger sleepover at @thejosephcolumbus 💕 We can not wait! Sunday we are joining forces with @justfabonline & @shoedazzle to bring you a scavenger hunt inside The DSW Polaris store - and we want to see YOU! Each blogger will be hiding a pink ticket for you to find inside the store. If you find the ticket snag a picture and tag myself @ddotts_ or @laylaliving & @justfabonline 👠👢 you might just win some free shoes! We hope you can come make a day of Columbus, it’s an incredible city with so much to do. We can’t wait to see you!



This list is by no means covers them all. There are so many I have to break up the posts. IF you have purchased from these sites you need to do the following 1) call your financial institutuion to cancel and or dispute the transaction this will aid you in being able to recoop the funds you lost in the transaction 2) I recommend you cancel your credit card and get a new number.  These sites are double charging and triple charging your cardds.  who knows what else they will do with your information. 3) They have people on staff that delete negative comments and block accounts that offer the following advise. 4) Don't be fooled by the bots that answer your questions they are there to keep you distracted from doing 1 and 2.  they have no intentions of refunding, returning and or resending any item that you haven't received. 5) Share this informatin with a friend.  I am a one person army right now I can't do this alone. 6) Instagram is not helping us so we need to help ourselves.  Instagram continues to allow these fradulent sites to advertise. I don't know why. they must be paying good money.  PayPal users if you are requesting a refund. I guarantee you somewhere during the process they will advise you that they are trying to make a refund back to you but cannot because your case is open. Please close the case so we can refund you. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR CASE. This is their tactics to get you to close the case because once closed it cannot be reopened. They are no longer obliged to refund your money. Be aware #justfabonline #kindafavor #laddydress #liligalofficial #lolabuy_official #lolabuyofficial #lookdora #luvyle_club #lvyledolls #maggie.mood #mumetaxoffical #mumetaz #mumetazoffical #mumetazofficial #mycomfycardigan #myladystarofficial #nanachicway #nextdealshop #nextdealshop #Novashe #novashefashion #oflike #pipidressofficial #poplucy_official #popmira #popzorashop #richshe #rolachicofficial #rosegal_official #rosewe #roseweofficial



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