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There’s just something about meeting people that you see yourself in them. • Does that ever happen to you? • Meet my boo @itsindiemae she took my branding workshop in #javeaspain last month and I am so happy to have met her. At only 19 she’s taking her journey into her own hands. Silencing what friends, family and society tells her is the “right path” which is something super hard to do at 29, let alone 19! She’s seen me at one of the most difficult parts in my journey, but still managed to see the triumph, the good and reminded me, the best thing anyone could ever remind me of, why I do what I do. • This is an incredible young woman. She understands what it means to invest in her story, her passion and took the leap to get closer to her goals. Last month we talked a lot about her blog, her dreams and where her mind was. If I knew what she knew at 19.. WOW. She’s taught me so much and I can’t wait to keep helping her build and grow. • Doesn’t matter what age, or stage you’re in. It’s all about mindset and willpower. With that you can do anything. #travelingfroisms • Learn more in my stories about her journey and click link in bio to take advantage of my brand building course before it closes. See you there. #travelingfrobranding



It was my birthday a few days ago 🎈 and it was funny to think where I was this time last year - in Montenegro, hanging out with four of our favourite people we met on our trip (@kitevanman, @vangirlkitchen, @iz.loft & Jimmy) and only four days away from meeting Gus (if only we knew what was in store!) This year was in Wales, the day after a friends wedding, and we had a dog walk with nearly 30 dogs - best birthday ever! One slightly unexpected similarity was the glorious sunshine on both days! ☀️ Anyway, here’s to 27 - it might be worryingly close to 30 but so far it’s not proving to be toooo bad 😂 P.s. @fromavantagepoint recognise this spot!?



New York. New York. The city so great they had to name it twice!#justpassingthrough#sunnyskyline#Manhattan



I’m back overseas. Some things are different and unique to this place, while other things are truly international and iconic. I saw this Landy basking in the street light on this crisp autumn evening. #LandRoverDefender110 #stock #expeditionvehicle #nasrow #seetheworld



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