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Meet my crew!! Drop us your favorite emoji 😜 🦄 🌮 in the comments if you’re rooting for us!! ⁣ For the next few weeks our mission is to transform 60 lives.⁣ It’s almost the end of January, and let’s face it either you 1. Didn’t even start your New Years resolution or 2. You already quit. ⁣ ⁣ So, if you’re gunna jump on a band wagon, might as well be ours - we got seatbelts 😆 ⁣ ⁣ We are looking for the best of the best who are willing to dig deep in the trenches with us to not only transform our own lives, but the lives of others too! ⁣ ⁣ If you’re:⁣ 💛needing motivation ⁣ 💛wanting extra accountability⁣ 💛ready to take 2k19 to the next level ⁣ 💛ready to get into the BEST shape of your life⁣ 💛by transforming your life from the inside out ⁣ 💛having ME as your 1:1 accountability partner ⁣ 💛joining a squad like my girls above ⁣ 💛and possibly making some extra cash ⁣ ⁣ THIS IS FOR YOU!!⁣ Drop your emoji below or fill out the link in my bio for more info!! ⁣ ⁣



Recently, I was able to be at a four day slumber party with my coaching besties!! (Yes— all grown women, partying waaaay too late and having a complete BLAST!) I never dreamed I’d be able to hang out with 40-50 women and not have drama, back biting and cattiness involved! But guess what.... this was amazing!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 . A community of women who encourage each other to be our best! They cheer for me when I set high goals and push me to reach them! They help me up when I fall and keep encouraging me to dream BIG!! I count these women as my best friends and talk to them on the daily. I can’t imagine what my life would look like without them in it! . On our last night there, we went around the room and said one thing that coaching has given to us. Out of over 50 women... there was not one repeated blessing!! 😍 . •50 women •50 gifts given •Endless amounts of blessings! Here are some of what was listed that night... Coaching has given me: 💗brought back the joy in motherhood after suffering from postpartum depression 💗helped me find purpose 💗made it possible to dream of a better life that you can control your future 💗a community of amazing friends and awesome retreats 💗empowered me to take control of my life 💗taught me that I can work for ME and MY family instead of working for someone else’s goals and company 💗helps me deal better with my depression and anxiety 💗helped me break free from feeling stuck and out of control 💗stopped me from obsessing about negative thoughts of what I WASN’T 💗built a better relationship with my daughter and taught her how to live a happier, healthier life 💗helped me save my marriage 💗given me permission to HOPE for freedom to travel and live the life of my dreams 💗given me permission to love my life and to live a life that I love, even if that’s a different life than the norm 💗given me the opportunity to touch lives If you’re looking for similar gifts and a platform to help others improve their lives, this could be your answer. Come join our community and see what blessings coaching will give you! 💗 Message me. You CAN sit with us. 💗🙌🏻💗



Week One of our accountability group is in the books! . . And let’s just say these girls are crushing it. Weight and inches lost, more sleep and many of these girls have been surprised by what they are doing each day and how consistent they have been. . . So we say, bring on Week Two! And we are going to BRING IT! . . This week I will be focusing on my eating and consistency (yeah those hormones are kicking in) . . Have you stuck to your goals or are you wavering a little? We always have room for one more 🥰 We only have one rule.... #goodvibesonly💯 #momlife❤️ #weightlossjourney #momoftwokids #tweenmom #kindergartenmom #specialneedsmom #accountabilitypartners



We are officially 3 week into 2019, how are you showing up to you?? Are you working on this intentions you set for yourself 20 days ago?? If you have fallen of course, lost you way...I am here to tell's OKAY. It's not about perfection or getting it right each and every day. It's about getting back up after you fall, dusting yourself off and trying again. You can reset your course, find joy in the process of growing and changing. You can learn how to make time for your true intentions. You can start fresh...NOW..this week...TODAY. I am looking for 10 women to join my Fit Fam this month. You made goals, you wanted 2019 to be different and I am committed to helping you acheive them this month. I provide all the tools for success, a meal plan, cusotmized workout program and daily accountability and support. You do not have to feel lost and alone...reach out to join my FIT FAM and committ to making 2019 your best year yet. #bestyearofourlives



Shout Out Time! See 🔽🔽🔽 these two awesome ladies pictured below?! Well let me tell you a little bit about them and WHY they are so awesome 🤗 Lauren Piette approached me over a year ago, looking to try something NEW ⭐️ Both her and wife were looking to shed some weight, and had some SERIOUS health and fitness goals to crush in 2018 :) Well let’s just say they didn’t just reach their goals - they CRUSHED them!!!! 👊 They jumped in on my challenge group, chose a program, and started working out … 🏋️‍♀️ 1 YEAR of working out every single morning BEFORE work 🍗1 YEAR of proper, portion controlled nutrition. 💻 1 YEAR of checking in with her virtual team (our challenge group!) for accountability and support. Listen to her words … “We did it! 1 year. Without giving up. We’ve lost weight. But we’ve also GAINED muscle, strength, knowledge, and self confidence.” I am SOOOOOOOO incredibly proud of you Lauren Piette Jessica Piette !!!! Your weight loss aside (over 60 pounds!), you are truly an inspiration in our monthly challenge groups 🙌 So the question is - what you are WAITING FOR?!?! I have two groups CURRENTLY running - I’ll give you the tools you need (access to your world class online gym, a rocking nutrition program, and the support and love of awesome ladies doing it with you!) . Drop an emoji below for more info :) .



Hi 😁⁣ ⁣ This is Sunday evening me now. Chilling at my computer, getting things set up for the week ahead. I’m more organized, more focused and more intentional with my time than I was when I wasn’t a coach.⁣ ⁣ So many times when I’m talking to someone about being a coach themselves, I hear that they don’t have time. And I definitely didnt either! ⁣ ⁣ But I’ve learned so much about using my time wisely, what activities are both relaxing and rewarding, and when I work my best by adding this...and personal development...into my life.⁣ ⁣ So when you think you have no time, I’d love to help you find these things too. Especially if you also want to join me in helping others with their health and fitness by sharing your own story 💕⁣ ⁣ Message me and I’ll fill you in on our team look into what we do as coaches happening next week! No obligation, just come learn. And see if this could do as much for you as it has for me 💕





Fear not. It's easier said than done. I wouldn't characterize myself as a worrier, but I do struggle with anxiety at times. I get stressed out during severe weather (why do I live in an area with tornadoes but no basements?) and whenever Andrew is having breathing problems or having a reaction to something. If Andrew starts coughing, his typical start to respiratory distress, you'll see Keith and I exchange glances. Is this a problem or is it just drainage? I can feel it in the pit of my stomach. I can sense my blood pressure rising. I pray. I take deep breaths. I sniff my Valor essential oil. (if you ever see me huffing my Valor you'll know why) I know God's in control, but in the moment it's easy to forget. It's a constant process of letting God be the source of my strength. I'm a work in progress, and that's ok





We made it through the day in one piece! • Well almost ... 😆 Couple hours to go before wine time ... eh hem I mean BED time!! 🤭😁😉 • And then we get to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow ! Yay!!! 🤪😟😆😴 • #momof3 #snowday #momboss



Today rather than just sending them down the hill I went with them. I haven’t laughed that hard in so long 🛷 ❄️ #seekjoy



Water goals: 200oz. Currently at 128oz. ... Bathroom breaks: a bajillion 🚽



New blog post! I’m Happy Because...! What makes you happy? I share some of my happiness with you! 💕 Subscribe, like and comment! Link in bio. #newblog #momblog #blogger #blogs #subscribe #like #comment #follow #healthyhabits #momonthegrowblog #growth #happiness #whatmakesyouhappy #kindergartenmom #family #bloggerlife #selfcare #selfcaretip





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