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Life is a balancing act 💐💦💐💦



“I Am”...... a mother!!! The most life changing title I have ever received. Before this title I lived for myself guided by the vast emotions that life could bring. I believed those emotions were truths and that I was fated to continually experience pain and that joy was only available in moments created by partying, and trying reckless things. I am a young mom, and thankful for the title when I received it. In a moment of great panic I had to make a decision to either continue to live my life the same way or change. To be a mom and to live your life knowing that a helpless life depends on yours is terrifying when you are young. It was at this crossroad I had to abandon my way of making choices out of emotions. I had to choose a life for myself and my child that I wanted, whether I felt like I needed or deserved it. I learned to guide myself through futuristic thinking while making simple plans for the now. I ignored the overwhelming emotions and made decisions that built a solid foundation for what my future may hold. And I Moved forward every day by choice instead of feelings. As my daughter has grown I learned to guide her to make make choices in the same manner. To know what you want and make a simple choice in the now that guides you in that direction. And on the flip side she taught me how to value my emotions and learn from them instead of being reactive to them! There are many lessons to be taught and I hope that I never stop learning, but the most important lesson learned so far is who “I Am.” #knowyourself #motherhood #changedmylife #makedecisionsnotexcuses #mydaughterismyhero #lifeisbeautiful #lifeisabalancingact #iam #purebeautyfitness







Little photo slide of some helpful quote pics I love & find helpful/a nice reminder and how I feel w what I'm going through with a long someone elses caption to the 2nd to last photo an extent 💚😊💜🤞🏻🦋❤😉 🙏🏼✨👁🦋 #lifeisstrangesometimes #iamstillgratefulnonetheless #happinessiskey #innerpeaceouterabundance #unconditionallove #believeandyoushallreceive #lowkeyforareason 💪🏻 #whatdoesntkillmemakesmestronger #changeisalwaysgood 🌈 #twinflamemirroringshit being a twin flame is so hard sometimes... #SIGH #surrendertotheflow #lifeisabalancingact --- Your Libra IG & fb friend, Savannah 😅😉🤗 #whateverr P.S: Picture credits given in tags, otherwise unknown for the rest 💙✌🏻






#samlake #samgidge #Newfoundland #Twillingate #NewWorldIsland #handstand #aerialistindoors #handstandgoals #getinverted #summer2018 #september2018 @livingbreadsyogi 20samantha18One big goal ive had aside from full and even oversplits, backwalkovers etc. In terms of flexibility is the HANDSTAND! ... while it can seem daunting to learn a handstand, as with anything, the main ingredients required to achieve success are 1) believing implicitly in yourself 2) determination and stubbornness 3) NEVER giving up until you achieve your goal. Happy handstanding friends! Im going back at mine now and seeing how long I can hold it... speaking of which id love to throw a handstand video on here once I can hold it for a few minutes straight - how do you upload a video on instagram from an iphone s? I see no button. #5D #yoga #yogagoals #beautifullife #logoutshutdowndoyoga #mindfulnessmeditation



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