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Tonight was my last night poling with my pole sista before she packs up her family and they move down to Melbourne 😓 I’m going to miss her so bloody much! Lisa you are the most selfless, kind hearted, encouraging ray of sunshine I have ever met! Over this past year we’ve become such great friends that I don’t know what I’m going to do without you 😩 love you and miss you already ❤️ #becomingarealmelbournehousewife



Yesterdays chest workout with focus on incline benchpress went very well. Got myself a new PR on 60kg and that is also the weight I was aiming to reach before the end of this year. 👍 Just love when things goes as planned, with my body you never now.. 📽 60kg and 57,5kg. . . #benchpress #bench #powerlifting #bänkpress #styrkelyft #tyngre #swedishfitness #girlpower #liftingweights #liftheavy #gettingstronger #dedicated #fitover40 #fitoverforty #gymflow #healthylifestyle #femalefitness #bodybuildingwomen #betterme #progression #myfitnessjourney #girlswithmuscles #muscles



Rachel started training with me 5 weeks ago. In her first phase the focus was “building a base”. This involved learning scapular retraction/depression, foot mechanics, breathing, abdominal bracing etc. We’re now into phase 2 where there’s still emphasis on these but now we’ve brought in a more complex exercise - “Mid-thigh Snatch Grip Rack Pulls” to emphasize tension through all the areas we built strength in phase 1. Start with the basics, build a foundation, learn how to feel your muscles and move properly THEN get fucking strong.



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