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I ain’t afraid of no ghost! Full post on this terrifyingly spooktacular ghost cake coming tomorrow. Bwahaha 🦇🕷👀 #halloween





Dirty clothes to launder means our backs are clothed. Lunch to put away downstairs means we’ve got full bellies. Toys scattered everywhere means there are grandparents and friends out there who love my kids. Perspective. Mundane tasks turn into acts of worship and gratitude.





Ese último rayo de luz • • • • #ifyouleave #somewhere #lightlovers







| more snooze pls | 14°C and Rainy. Someone’s got the right idea. Camouflaging in her surrounding since 2016. What’s your plan on this gloomy #Saturyay ?



| Is the sky really the limit? . Because there is something that I keep on seeing with Spiritual people. (Clearly, that was the role also for me until it stopped - thank god! ) Taking spirituality as an obligation, as something that has an end, a limit, more taboo than joy. . You are limitless in your spiritual abilities, in your exchange with the spirit, in the reading and channeling you are able to bring down and share, in the level of miracle that youa re able to ordain. Yet for that, you need to learn, practice, work with your master, work with the ascended masters, with the pure divine light, channel, heal, teach, initiate. Like an athlete. Get your spiritual muscle in shape. . There is a big difference between a butterfly and a condor. both are amazingly beautiful, both know to ride the wave of the wind, the thermodynamic, that can take them to the flower or mountain high they sense. which one are you? . Monday I start teaching #windowtotheuniverse- Expanded Awareness into Consciousness, Humanity Evolution and the Sacred System of Life. I stretched my perception of this system to the max I could, and it is just getting started. . Super grateful to all amazing beaming souls who were heavenly chosen to be part. LOVE YOU! . . . . . . . . #lightwork #heavensabove #skyrocking #dimondsinyourpocket #expandedawerness #lifeiswhatyoustillhavenotseen #Iamamiraclemaker #makingmiracle #lightlover #lightlovers #expandedawerness #onewiththespirit #IamthatIam #Iamendless #consciousliving #Conscioslife



💗💗prints for sale💗💗 . (C)Marvin Spates . 💞Do you love sunsets? 💞Do you love lighthouses? This photo of the Anclote Key Lighthouse gives you a taste of both! The title of this photo is "Competing With The Sun"! I took this photo at a time that the sun lined up beautifully with the lighthouse. Of course the tiny little Lighthouse is no competition for the light of the Sun. 🌞👉You can enjoy this beautiful image in your living room or dining room as it can hold the focal point of your decor. I have it represented here as a large acrylic print with aluminum standoff mounting post. 🌞🌞👉You can choose from any number of printing options such as framed and matted prints, wood prints, even canvas prints in any size of your choice. 💥👉Don't forget the wonderful gift ideas of shower curtains and throw pillows. 🌞Visit my website for all the printing information⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️ . 🌞🌞 . #florida #gulfofmexico #beautiful #summer #sunset #cloudlover #officedecor #clouds #cloudscape #landscape #seascape #beach #lightlovers #lighthouse #anclotekey #ourplanetdaily #jaw_dropping_shots #awesome_photographers #awesome_earth #homedecor #sunsetlover #printsforsale #canvasprints #acrylicprints #metalprints #roamtheplanet #roamflorida #roamfree #bam #fineartprints





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