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Listen to your body kids!! This workout was such a struggle I couldn’t even complete it as my back pain took over. We had to get out and take advantage of Wellingtons beautiful weather on Friday though and at least try get a workout in. It all proved to much and i only made it half way through the workout @kelsstirlspt_ had planned for me! 💦💊😭



Act from the place of your future and deepest desires





Today was a difficult day: On Keto, I have learned to listen to my body, and I have thus become hyper-aware when something isn't right, whether I have a blood sugar spike from food, or I'm getting a cold. After going to bed with a fairly stuffy ear last night, I woke up to extremely muffled hearing in that ear plus ringing, sound distortion, and some pain. A problem with my hearing is not something I can afford to underestimate. After a visit to Prompt Care this morning, a rather painful ear flush, and no relief, something told me that it was more than mild swelling/irritation. I decided to reach out to a good friend/audiologist in Peoria. Per her sound advice, she made an appointment for me with an ENT specialist in Peoria. After a hearing test, the doctor found that what is happening is NOT in fact simple irritation. It seems to be a viral infection that set in within my auditory nerve. If not resolved quickly, the damage can often be irreparable. Thus, I'm on heavy-duty steroids that should, hopefully, cure the virus... just need to make it through the side effects. :( Dudes, seriously. Listen to your body. If you are not satisfied with a flippant "diagnosis" from under qualified doctors, keep asking for answers. I cannot survive in my line of work in a music store and as a clarinet teacher and performer with deficient hearing. If your doctor won’t take you seriously, find a doctor who will. Otherwise, you will risk losing one of your most important attributes. #musician #musicteacher #keto #listentoyourbody #hearinglossprevention #bodyadvocate





Would you believe me if I told you these donuts are gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, & actually HEALTHY? ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Yup, I made these zucchini donuts several weeks ago when I was craving something sweet. Okay fine—I’m always craving something sweet—but that doesn’t change the fact that this hack has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is creating delicious treats that are actually healthy under their sneaky dessert disguises. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Honestly, it has made all the difference because I get to satisfy my insatiable sweet tooth without compromising my health & fitness goals. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ This is just one of the tips I’ve shared in my latest blog post about healthy habits that changed my life - linked in my bio! 🍩



Today’s #tiuholidayhustle challenge was write a love note to yourself so here it goes. 💌Life has seasons. Practice patience. Work hard. Rest. Stretch. Eat healthy foods. Indulge. Love more. Be grateful. Stay positive. Smile often. Laugh a lot. Have fun. Don’t take life too seriously. 💌



✨✨Give your muscles the TLC they deserve with some foam rolling⠀ -⠀ ⠀ We have a connective tissue that surrounds our muscles called fascia, tension and stress gets trapped in that tissue, that stress can be caused by physical, mental or emotional stressors. Spend a few minutes on a roller and start releasing that tension⠀ -⠀ You can learn more about foam rolling by attending our running based classes or chatting with one of our instructors ⠀ -⠀ See you in the studio 🌸🙏





Always #listentoyourbody I may have pushed through to finish my workout yesterday, but I am taking a rest day today! Listen to your body to prevent serious injury! #restday #itsajourneynotasprint #preventinjury #achillespain #tommorrowisanewday



Last night was the roughest time I’ve had in awhile. I know it had a whole lot to do with hormone fluctuations but it was still scary. Those feelings may have been magnified in that moment but they’re real. I’m lucky that I have my husband who chose to sit down beside me as I let it all out and tell me the truths my mind wasn’t seeing. Then this morning, I drew this card: The Giant Redwood, symbolizing majesty. It was just what I needed following yesterday’s emotional crash. It’s on my bucket list to walk amongst these treasures, for them to make me feel so small and so large at the same time- a tiny part of something so beautiful, even when my mind speaks of nothing but insignificance. I am that I am. And that is wondrous.



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