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In allegiance to the semi-colon project, supporting those who are afflicted with and are survivors of mental health problems, anxiety, stress, depression, addiction and even suicide attempts. We all have a story in our lives, instead of putting a full stop to end your sentence, put a semi-colon to keep going. Mental health isn't just for a specific group of people, just as we all have physical health, emotional health and so on, do we also have mental health. The difference between us is the intensity of our mental health, life's situations and our reactions to it. Lots of love ❤ #Semi #Colon #Project #Mental #Health #Awareness #Survivor #Strength #Hope #Stress #Depression #Anxiety #Victor #Live #Laugh #Love #Light #LightWorker #Hippie #Gypsy #Soul #LOA #Energy #Frequency #Vibrations







Most of the time, doing what you KNOW you NEED to do doesn't always feel like what you WANT to do...BUT, it's your Inner Guidance taking you to the BEST experiences you could imagine. • Right be fore I saw all the butterflies. I was having the WORST day 🙈 I woke up late, my technology was on strike and people were fighting around me. I got a few less that loving messages and my negative mood just got the better of me, manifesting in a migraine. • And then I felt the urge to go and take the dogs for a walk...blinding migraine and all. • I didn't sort out ANY of the business, nothing changed, BUT I knew by now that the better I felt, the more I am able to see things as they are, not through a filter of negativity. I wasnt feeling it, but I listened and went for a walk. • To my surpise and delight my whole path was full of butterflies. The dogs had so much fun and were just the best, including me in their walk, it was MAGICAL. • I felt like myself again for a moment. And that was enough to start turning my momentum around. • When I came down from the mountain people were still fighting, I still had a migraine and it took about 3 days for my mood to return to normal. • BUT, my INNER STATE CHANGED when I followed my Inner Guidance. It reminded me that I am ALWAYS taken care of, never alone and never not loved. • Your Source is aware of you and wanting to surprise and delight you every step of the way. All you have to do is LISTEN AND FOLLOW THE SUBTLE GUIDANCE.



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