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Hello yellow!!! Well I’m up this morning with this beautiful bright yellow hibiscus blooming away by our front window. This is a little hibiscus my husband had bought for our pet Chameleon Picasso’s terrarium a couple of months back. Unfortunately Picasso didn’t make it when we had the hurricane our poor little guy ran out of food and the pet store was closed no where to find him food he would not eat anything but crickets he was a very picky eater. This hibiscus didn’t do well in the terrarium it started to get stressed out so we moved it outside this past summer and my daughter who is obsessed with anything in the mallow family took over making it hers. This guy needs to be put in a different pot so perfect day my girls are all home and we have picked out a terra-cotta pot. We also want to try to braid the trunk of this hibiscus so hopefully the trunk is still flexible enough. Great day ahead friends!!! Let’s make great things happen! 😁😆💚💚💚💚💚💚





Davis College Model United Nations workshop in the Rochestown Park Hotel today - preparations for our biggest conference ever with the support of Cork City Council in January in Cork City Hall. #mallow #mun #dcmun #daviscollege



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