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Wanna know how I've maintained my 60 pound weight loss from the 3 years ago?! . Well, Beachbody keeps innovating and coming up with new programs. And my VERY favorite thing about what they come up with is that they have busy people, like I was, in mind. They want to make it as convenient as possible for people to get healthy even when things come up in life. So they create workouts that can be done in the convenience of your home and only 30 minutes or less. . But what I love is that they don't cut corners. They don't give you the impression that if you just make it easy by taking a pill or take some shortcut then you'll reach your all your health goals. No, they keep it 💯. You've got to do the work out, eat the right foods (which they've even simplified with an all natural super foods shake they work SO hard at keeping pure, yet keep the cost down as much as possible), then stay accountable to someone...a coach, yours truly 🙋‍♀️, which they even provide. . Realizing that to keep it 💯 costs money, they even make it possible for people who feel like they couldn't afford these things to afford them, by paying them when they inspire someone else to join them on this journey toward health. . As much as I have celebrated my own weight loss journey, and get SUCH JOY when I see that I have inspired someone else to ACTION and they are getting their own wins in their journey (check out the results of real women who I've been able to inspire 👉). And then to know they can stick with it by earning money so they can afford their own product is AMAZING! . I'm looking for 5 women who've been wanting and join me on this journey, but who feel like you can afford it. Let's chat and see how we can make this possible for you, too. . I cannot EVEN tell you how amazing of a time it is to be a Beachbody coach!! I mean Shaun...freaking...T is coming out with the new program AND we start in January! 🙌 We've set up perfectly for success...we just have to ACT! Stop telling yourself all the reasons you couldn't do this right now...stop it! And let's start coming up with the plan to make it happen! . Curious?! Drop an emoji 👇



Look! A picture of our whole family where we’re all looking at the camera, and nobody is crying! 😂 This doesn’t happen often! ❤️ #familyislove #lovemyfamily #midwestmom



Christmas is soon, and then New Year's, then I am sorry to say 2019! Did you have goals for this year? What did you want to do? See? Visit? Did you make a list? How many of those things did you get done? We still have time don't write anything off as it's too late. It's never, ever too late. And you are never too old, young or anything. What can you still do to get close? What can you do to set up an amazing start for 2019? Don't let an other year pass with a whole bunch of I wish.. I wish I would have, if only I did... Soon to be released The 3 Pillars of Peace 3 month coaching program rewrite with a new module on Guilt. I would love to have you a part of it, DM to be put on the waitlist Be sure to check out the link for the latest podcasts, and links to my New E-book. - - - - - #flourishingmoms #choastopeace #newyearsresolution #bucklist #2018isalmostover #stilltime #learnhowtoditchmamaguit #kickguilttothecurb #ditchmamaguilt #themomscoach #lifecoachanna #momsofinstagram #momshelpingmoms #singlemama #3monthscoachingprogram #momof2 #motherhood #mommy #tribe #mamatribe #stressedoutmom #carpediem #mindfulness #zenmama #mindfulmom



Raise your hand if you have a hard time slowing down🙋🏻‍♀️ or asking for help🙋🏻‍♀️ or cutting yourself slack when you take an entire day/week off from life. The more I dive into my work of learning how to be quiet, tap into my intuition, and honor what I truly need in this moment, the more this mantra comes up for me. If you’ve been conditioned to think that success = achievement, busyness, hard work, etc. then it’s really hard to take breaks without feeling like a failure. But consider this: if you’re feeling exhausted and completely sucked dry of energy & zest for life, how much are you really achieving anyway? If you intentionally allow yourself to take a break and honor your intuitive nudges to chillllll a little bit, you will eventually feel the nudge to come back to life with a newfound sense of purpose and focused energy. If you were wondering where I was the last few days, that’s where. And now I’m back and have accomplished more today than I even thought possible. I feel like I can hear my soul thanking me for listening. And it feels gooood✨❤️. Question: when’s the last time you took a real break? How long was it and what did you do/not do? Did you feel refreshed and energized when you came back to “real life”?





“If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive.” . (NEW guided meditation on my YouTube channel :) check it out tonight after work or tomorrow to start your morning. Link in my bio or search ARY Mindfulness Meditation!) . You can create your own peace. You can be content in your life exactly as it is. But you have to choose to do so. Don’t let anything rob you of your peace, your happiness, your wellbeing. . . #mindfulness #mindfulmovement #mindfulnessmeditation #practiceandalliscoming #fitmom #mindfulmom #yoga #meditation #athleta #practice #outside #woods #nature #girlgetoutside



This week is a struggle for me. The decision to return to work is agonizing. On one hand, I am excited by new adventures. On another, the thought of not being with my kiddos all day is devastating. Also, I worry that returning to full-time work will mean giving up on other dreams that I just found the courage to pursue. I am a wreck. But, life goes on. Nothing has to change today. I am trying to stay present instead of worrying about all the "what ifs". I am repeating the following affirmation: "I am enough". When I am feeling overwhelmed, it is a good way to stay grounded. So, if you are having a day, a week, or a month like mine... You are enough.



Ha kersverse mama! Ziet jouw manier van sporten er momenteel ook ongeveer zo uit en kan en wil je wel weer eens wat tijd voor jezelf gebruiken? De start van een nieuw jaar is daar natuurlijk het perfecte moment voor. Zaterdag 12 januari start er een 5-weekse cursus Mindful Mom Walk, maar je bent natuurlijk ook van harte welkom bij een van de reguliere cursussen. Dus niks geen tijd, te moe, te koud of te donker; hup, in de benen! (Geldt overigens niet alleen voor moeders hè dus voel je vooral aangesproken!) #mindfulrun #mindfulwalk #mindfulmom #ademhaling #mindset #beweging #hupindebenen #noexcuses



I am so pumped to share this post with you!! Stephanie from @mommyminimalist has just published her 50th podcast episode!! And it’s such a fun one! If you remember I was one of the guests on episode 40 about mindfulness. And it was so much fun! This new episode is a collaborative episode where several of the past guests (including me!) have recorded a special tip for you! How fun is that??? _ You can check out the episode at the link in my bio. ☝🏻 I hope you enjoy it!! Thanks for hosting a fantastic podcast and congrats on the milestone, Stephanie!! 😊



What’s next?? How do we clear space so that we can actually appreciate what’s in front of us right now? Like this little nugget who is growing up faster than I can handle. . We live in a ‘what’s next’ age. Always moving, scrolling, planning, and multitasking. When we live our life in the fast lane we may miss out on those memories and opportunities that are here today. . Everyday, our life presents us with opportunities to create memories and joy, but we have to take notice. . Instead of leaving those special moments to chance, clear some space, pay attention, and be grateful for those little things today. . The holidays are here, and parties, planning, and traveling, are in full force. . How do you clear some space, and be present without the ‘what’s next’ mantra on repeat in your mind?



Not much writing for this happening the pst two days, But I’ve been Reading Beautiful applications for scholarships. I feel honored that families want to bring nature to family life. That They want to explore What Can happen over the course of a year where They bring a little more intention to How They spend (some) of the family time. Making nature a foundation. . . Some ask If this online thing Will work? Isn’t What We’re Trying to avoid? Well... yes But the journey content is derved via the wonders of virtual space, the dirt * Wind * water * fire is your experience real life. . . The moments of watching yours kids unfold their creativity is yours - Real life. . . The Play. Exploration. Adventure. Challenges. Unfolding is yours to have. What this course provides over this journey for a year is: 🌿inspiration 🌿guidance 🌿community 🌿background knowledge 🌿inspiring Peers that share their story 🌿meditations for children 🌿books 🌿and more... .... .... A Way step into 2019. Little differently. 💚🌳 ... It’s not just for the kids. It’s for the families. Let’s join together as families and create movements beyond us. Of Care and love for this planet. . ... Link in profile. #adventurewithkids #runwildmychild #consciousparenting #clickinmoms #childhood #children #wildchild #rewild #parenthood #motherhood #awilderyear #childofmine #barndom #iskoven #naturefamily #kids #wildkids #naturekids #naturbørn #ude #udebørn #forestschool #unschooling #outdooradventures #mindfulness #mindfulmom #mindfulchildren



What does a good day with your child mean to you? • Is it when he obeys and listens without any nagging? That you didn’t fight, and no one cried? • I  defined a “successful” parenting day when all went well and life was easy. We had no tantrums (mine or Ayaan’s) that stressed us out, no chronic nagging or meltdowns that made us late. • Based on that definition I was utterly failing as a mom the past few months. • I was constantly walking on egg shells anxiously anticipating Ayaan’s next defiant and disrespectful “threenager” attitude and I was constantly on edge. • A little voice inside me kept whispering, "This isn't FUN. You're not fun. You're not doing it right. You're not a good mom.” • It was after a long cry-fest and surrendering on my meditation mat a new mindful perspective shift emerged. • Mistakes and correcting misbehavior is where learning happens. • Here’s my redefinition of parenting success:Creating a safe learning environment where our kids are making mistakes every single day and we are there to help them process. • My hard moments have helped me learn the best lessons and come up with the most fair parenting solutions to teach Ayaan some important life skills. • Ayaan has learned how to compromise and come up with win-win solutions. How to find ways to use a calm down corner to sooth himself and sit with his anger. Find ways to apologize and feel true remorse for his actions. • We have to change how we think of success as a parent—it’s not just about making sure all is happy and fuzzy. • A successful parenting day could also come during some of the hardest and rawest episodes you and your child have. ____________________________________ #modzenmama #positiveparenting #mindfulmama #mindfulmom #consciousparenting #positive parent #peacefulparenting #tuesdaytruth #honestmotherhood #stressedoutmom #toddlermom #boymom #mindfulmommy #mindfulkids #spiritjunkie #momofboys #threenager #momguilt #nomomguilt



Hey dear warrior, it’s normal to be nervous about setting boundaries. You’re probably in the habit of letting other people's needs take priority over your own or your family’s. A boundary is standing up for yourself and that can be scary.😳 But what’s the alternative? The alternative is to do what so many people do; live with mediocre relationships... telling ourselves “they won’t change”. Guess what? They won't change if we don’t ask for change. 🤦🏼‍♀️ So what do most people do? We stay in these relationships, pretending everything is okay. We allow resentment and annoyance to brew under the surface. Instead of saying something, we all just sit around smiling at each other. Instead of temporary discomfort, we complain about not having close, connected relationships. 😑 I urge you to feel the fear and do it anyways. Choose courage over fear. Have the conversation. Be brave. Choose discomfort over resentment. Want to learn more? DM me. I help women every day with this. You're not alone. . . . . . . . . #healthyboundaries #courageouswomen #healthyrelationships #feelbetternow #lifecoaching #lifecoachformoms #mindfulmom #Mindfulnesscoach #happymom #holidayhelp #lifecoachforwomen #loveyourlife #mindfulliving #empoweringwomennow #mindfulparenting #onelifetolive #empoweringmoms #mindsetcoach #emotionalintelligence #Midlifelesson #overwhelmed #stressed #beatoverwhelm #consciousliving #divorcedmom #stressedout #helpingwomen #Lifecoachingforwomen



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