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I was asked today where to go for a bit of mommy-alone-time. No kids, views and wine. And I instantly thought... The Deck @hiddenvalleywines . That’s exactly where I would want to be right now. So today, there will be no posts of kids, but simply me reminding you, Mamma, it’s ok to take some alone time ♥️ • • • #mommyexplores #momstime #mommyneedswine #lookafteryou #hiddenvalley #deckathiddenvalley #travelwinemom #momswhowine #momthatblog #momwithblog







I feel like I’ve been posting a lot of Avery lately. I DO take pictures or Asher too. We’ve been going to the zoo, science museum and aquarium. Just a few adventures @dueler2 @jtodarojr #boysarecrazy #mommyneedswine #lovehim #asherjoseph



“Beautiful girl, you can do hard things” is what I will tell my daughter. I will tell her she’s smart, and valued. I will not talk negatively about my body in front of her. I will not talk about “diets” or feeling “fat”. I will help instill in her the courage to be herself, follow her passions and dreams, and live with integrity. I will teach her to choose courage over comfort, and to NEVER apologize for who she is and what she believes. Above all, I will teach her to love herself just the way she is. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️





#throwback to when this little nugget was only a couple weeks old. Now my little boy is almost 2 and running life like a boss! Life of a mamma of two is definitely very different than with one. Anyone else find when only 1 kid is around it’s like a vacation? Like your 15 again with so much freedom? Wouldn’t change it for the world, but man I wish the days had more hours ‘cause this mamma is worn out! #toddlerlife #momoftwo



Good thing you can order all of your necessities online now and they deliver them directly to your door 🙌 #yestheydeliverwine #justfyi #mommylifesaver Also so thankful 🙌 I was able to say “Don’t leave I’m almost home!” to the super nice FedEx lady via my video doorbell today! #thankgoodnessfortechnology She stayed for just another minute so I could sign for my box of wine. She definitely laughed when my #minivanmom -in sweats-self pulled in with my very unhappy, mid #doublemeltdown children in it. I think the world understood my needs today 🤣 #wineplease Even my wine is talking to me tonight 🤣 #ittoldmeto #thewinemademedoit #nakedwines #nakedwinesdotcom



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