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Bahrosa to kar k dekho us khuda pe jo din ko raat aur raat ko din karta hai bahrosa to kar k dekho us khuda pe jo hume 70 maa se zyada pyar karta hai bahrosa to kar k dekho us khuda pe jo humare gunhanao ko maaf kardeta hai bahrosa to kar k dekho us khuda pe jo kbhi humara sath nhi chorta hume kbhi tanhan nhi hone deta to jab wo hum se itna pyar karta hai to kaise mumkin hai k wo humae dukh dega kaise mumkin hai k wo jo karega bura karega humare liye .Hum log kasar yahi sochte hai k jo hume chahiye wo kyun nhi milta jo hum chahte hai k asia ho asia kyun nhi hota kia Allah hum se pyar nhi Karta bht asie sawal humare dimgh main aate. Bas ek baat samjhne ki hai ALLAH K YAHAN DAIR HAI PAR ANDAIR NHI wo jo karta hai acha karta hai humare liye wo kyun bura chahega humara to ek bar bahrosa to kar k dekho us khuda pe jis ne is duniya ko baanaya ek bar bahrosa to kar k dekho us khuda pe jis ne har cheez se naawaz humhe ek bar us ka shukar aadaa to kar k dekho phir dekhna wo saari mushkile kaise aasan karta hai bs khuda pe bahrosa to kar k dekho . To aao is haseen thandi hawa ki subha ka aagaz isi bahrose karo k wo jo kuch karega acha hi karega and humare haq main behtar karega . #blogger #bloggerstyle #bloglife #lifeblogging #mythoughts #morningvibes #wintervibes #urdublogging ##agirlwith_thoughts 💫💫





#simplethinking #simplewoman #composer #mythoughts #celebrate life #remembranceday #fusion #fashion #Wear poppy for Remembrance Day, Pray and praise brave hearts everyday, Their courage and sacrifice are great inspiration, The war deserve worldwide condemnation.🕊🙏R💫#bytulsa #celebrating diwali and praying for those who died in the line of duty🙏 (11th nov)



8:06 '18 Imagining. There are always good thing under and it deserve to be under, good things not only exist at above. Imagine if beautiful coral exist in the sky, wouldn't that just spoil the beauty of the sky? #IkStondHier #mythoughts 📷 lh



Live like there is no Midnight - Cinderella 🌟 #compasspose #cinderella #yogisofinstagram #yogi #mythoughts #fairytales #lostinmymind #vibes






My thoughts...It’s unfortunate because so many are giving up the prize, which seems like a means to feel worthy, important, and apart of the “IN” crowed. You GMO your bodies, because it visually looks appealing. However, are you doing it for you, or for everyone else? It’s your body, and your choice, I just hope your decision making isn’t based in the irrelevant opinion of something or someone outside of self. #sorrynotsorry #mythoughts #myopinionnotfacts #individualpreference



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