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🌺Comparison🌺 . . In the world where social media keeps you updated on the trip your friend and her husband took, the car her husband bought her and the house they live in ,it is so easy to be caught up in the comparison game. This is a dangerous situation; it makes you resentful and can cause depression . . . My dear , your spouse is the only one of his kind and he is not your friend's spouse and your friend's spouse is not perfect. He/she has shortcomings maybe even worse than those of your spouse. Your spouse is a blessing from Allah and wishing that you had a husband like your neighbour has is ingratitude to Allah. Even if you force your spouse to be someone else, he/she can never be because they are different. We are all different. Forcing someone to be like another person will lead to you resenting them and unfortunately you can only resent them for so long before you realise that what you want is impossible. This may make you feel sad and depressed. . . Love your spouse as they are and learn them as they are because that's who you get and Alhamdulillah for them. As humans we always want better things than those we are blessed with ; we want the bigger car, a larger house and the list goes on and on . Looking at those less fortunate than us is one way to grow more grateful and change the mentality from what more can be done to us to what can we do for the less fortunate and giving back to our society. . . Wifey 🧕🏻 . . #nikah #muslim #muslimcouple #muslim #walima #newlywed #kenya #marriedlife #nairobi #spouse #halal #islam #love #positive #goodvibes #hijabi #sweetheart #loml #anon #mom #instagram #ig #selfcare #acceptance #betterliving #wedding #royalwedding #gratitude



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