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A Star is Born (2018) A very interesting story. I never watched any of the previous 2 or 3 versions of this movie but I really enjoyed this film. For a debut lead role Lady Gaga did really well, she was beautiful in every sense of the word, she has a very powerful voice and a sweet style that only her brings. With a decent acting performance like this I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her pretty soon. Bradley Cooper's voice surprised, I never knew he had it in him, he really sang like a superstar crooner...After spending about 18 months on vocal training it was good watching him sing, he sang so good at some point he reminded me of Chris Daughtry. His acting was also super impressive. He got into the role so much that he became the character. The chemistry between Bradley and Gaga was beautiful to watch, at a point it seemed like I was watching a true life story because it was so real. A Star is Born is packed with some real good love songs that could make you shed a tear, so for those of us who relish this kind if drama you may wanna take some tissue along. Lastly, my only concern about this movie was that it was stretched a bit longer than necessary and started to look predictable around the final quarter of the film. That said, it is a good movie and I'm sure lots of people would enjoy it. TMG RATING : 7.0 #astarisborn #astarisbornmovie #ladygaga #bradleycooper #love #songs #lovesongs #awesome #newmovies #trending #trendingnow #tragedy #tragicend #cry #tearsofjoy #chrisdaughtry






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