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Hooo-eee. It has been a long day. And tomorrow is another early start. We are pooped. Especially our sweet #Izzyfrizzy. She had a long day napping and judging us. Those are the two things she does best. 💚😴🐕💚 I wanted to figure out something deep and meaningful about being a #countryqueer for our last post, but I feel like compared to y’allz stories mine is not very exciting. I’ve had my struggles, and still do, but I’ve also been pretty privileged through my life. Supportive parents, stable housing & jobs (more or less), and a fantastic partner. I feel like it’s my job to be aware of my privilege, and try to figure out how to support other folx in the best ways possible. I often get bogged down in the day to day, but I’m getting there, little by little. I am definitely privileged to be part of this community of really rad folx. Thank you Rachel for curating #CountryQueers. Thank you all for sharing and reading. It is my honor to be amongst you. Let’s keep taking care of each other. 💚🌿🌻This is @kingandkingranch, signing off. 👋🏼. #nonbinaryfarmers #farmdog



I think I first became interested in growing herbs because @kaikrupa is an amazing, intuitive, creative chef, and I loved (and still love!) the idea of being able to grow things for them to utilize in the kitchen. Also, my parents are hippies and I would often get “herb drops” as a remedy to a cold or other ailments as a first response. It’s only been in the last several years that I’ve really come to find a passion for growing herbs of all sorts - culinary & medicinal, and am slowly learning how to use them. There are a couple fantastic queer herbalists I follow on IG - @catalystcommunityherbals & @ergifarmsandapothecary that have been very inspiring. And I also recently started participating in an intuitive plant medicine course offered by @onewillow_apothecaries, who btw is a great ally who openly encourages conversations about cultural appropriation and is aware of pronouns within the lgbtqai+ community. 🌻🌱✨ Last December the Thomas Fire broke out right across the valley from us (California’s largest recorded wildfire), and we watched it creep across the mountains every day and night, feeling utterly helpless. I was worried about some family and friends who were in the thick of it getting smoke damage to their lungs, had read about horehound being really beneficial to lung health, so I decided to make a tea for them, since we have horehound growing wild. I consulted on the mix with @catalystcommunityherbals , and quickly dried the appropriate herbs in the hot dry winds that were fueling the fire. It was the first time I felt like I could do something helpful/useful in those overwhelmingly stressful days/weeks. 😔🌿🍵. The last pic is the resulting tea recipe. I’ll give descriptions of the other pics in comments. Thanks for reading another long post. This is @kingandkingranch , posting for #countryqueers. #queerherbalist #queerswhofarm #nonbinaryfarmers #queerherbalism #intuitiveplantmedicine2018 #queerwitch #gardenwitch



So I figure it’s time you got an actual intro from us. Where to begin 🤔 @kaikrupa and I both grew up in small towns, Kai in MI, me in Northern California. I grew up visiting my grandparents at this farm. Kai and I lived in Seattle for 10 years before moving down to the ranch 2.5 years ago. My dad and uncle are both aging, and of us 4 kids that are the next generation, I (along with Kai and their encouragement) was the only one willing and able to take on moving here and learning the ropes. After many many years working in the food and beverage industry, learning about food politics, and becoming more and more interested in growing our own food, coming here felt like a way we can make a difference in the world. We’re constantly thinking about and working on ways to take better care of the land, we’re connecting with the surrounding communities and getting involved in donating food for food shares and benefit dinners, and we’re trying to be visible faces of queerness in a VERY “good ol boy” cis and heteronormative area/occupation. Ok, this feels really long. I’ll put pic descriptions in the comments, if anyone is interested. Thanks for reading. This is @kingandkingranch posting for #countryqueers. #nonbinaryfarmers #theythem #queerswhofarm





Before and after pictures! It was a hard day at work but I feel great about how it turned out! [Pic1: before; Pic2: after; Pic3: after from the opposite side; Pic4: the aftermath] #working #agapehousetx #fulfilling #beforeandafter #henhouse #farm #farmlife #nonbinaryfarmers #tearitdown #enbypower #strongerthanever #hardwork #physicallabor #workinghard



We're honored to be part of @outtafilm 's current exhibit at Santa Paula Ag Museum. She asked us to answer the question "Why I Farm," and I'm feeling proud of our answer and wanted to share. You can check out the exhibit thru late Jan, and also check out the article in the current @edibleventuracounty magazine! #whyifarm #kingandkingranch #queerfarmers #queerswhofarm #nonbinaryfarmers #genderqueer #familyfarm