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A few years ago, a very successful female attorney told me that the key to success and”staying in the game” of my profession was to have an awesome nanny. This advice was met with my skepticism. My mom was a stay at home mom, and the thought of my future child being cared for by a nanny seemed so foreign and sad to me. And that this nanny would be the key to my success was just a baffling notion. what does having a nanny have to do with ensuring my career success? I had no idea how right she was until a few months ago. My mom and mother in law graciously give up a combined one and a half days every week to spend some quality time with their gal, CG. For the other 3.5 days for 10 hours a day, we have the most amazing nanny. I could not be a working mom and do my job without the three “other” women in CG’s life. I thought I’d be jealous of the relationship between CG and her ladies, but I read in the book The Fifth Trimester that rather than worry about your child calling your nanny “mama,” we should actually welcome this behavior because this would mean that my child loves and is loved by her caregivers. And the more love, the better! I go to work every day without a worry about CG. I trust all of her caregivers and that allows me to be present at work and not focused on worry or concern. They take care of CG, they take care of my house, and they take care of me and Andy. CG’s caregivers each give her something different, and I hope she will be a strong, independent, emotionally intelligent, adaptable person as a result. But I still miss my gal, and want to know all about and be part of her day! So starting on day 1, I left this little journal in my kitchen outlining her schedule, leaving space to write in naps, dirty and wet diapers, and my favorite section “Activities/Milestones/Concerns”. This allows me to stay involved in her day to day life, and it has actually served as my baby book, because, as I mentioned in a previous post, I have never been able to keep up with one. Do any of you have a notebook like this for your nannies? What do you ask that they keep track of?





We keep these @plumorganics pouches in the diaper bag for when someone gets HANGRY. A hangry baby is not a fun baby. 👶🏼😡



Getting ready for solids 👶🍎🍌🥦 #plumorganics #babyfood



After School Activities: My kids have been in after school activities for as long as I can remember. I am that mom who picks them up quickly from school, has them eat a snack in the car and then drives straight from one activity to the next. This was our typical day from Monday thru Friday. But this past year things changed a little when we welcomed Mizaan into our family. I tried my best to keep the kids schedules the same but I needed to figure out a way to keep this active baby busy. Below I have put together some tips that has worked for me while taking Mizaan along with us. 1️⃣ Dress him or her comfortably incase the baby decides to take a nap. Or even go down for the night(if it’s a late activity), then you can just transfer them from the stroller to car seat and car seat to crib! Easy for you and the baby! 2️⃣ Pack little snacks like @plumorganics purée packs or @earthsbest. They are mess free, healthy and convenient. If you have a toddler, then some coloring books and play doh can go a long way. Anything besides electronics will do! 3️⃣ Stay off your phone, that way you can give your baby and your child who’s activity it is, your undivided attention. 4️⃣ Become friends with other moms who also bring babies with them. Once the babies/toddlers recognize each other they will run around and play together. 5️⃣ Always remain calm and patient. If all things fail just start singing like crazy and you are sure to make your baby smile! I’d love to hear some tips and tricks from you all. Any new ideas are always helpful!!i #parentingunfiltered





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