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Real-life winged superheroes?⁣ ⁣ Indeed! ⁣ ⁣ Meet, bats! Bats are a crucial member of our ecosystem and provide an incredible number of invaluable services to mankind and nature including:⁣ ⁣ - Pollinating. It isn’t just our beautiful bees that help pollinate plants - in many ecological areas plants are reliant on bats to pollinate, too! Bat pollination is called chiropterophilly. Don’t ask me to pronounce it!⁣ - Pest control. Our family just got stationed in (what I consider) the Deep South and holy macaroni there are a lot of bugs down here. Bats fly at night and their primary food source for many species is all the night time insects that feed on plants and people and livestock (I’m looking at you mosquitos!). Having bats around helps with pest control for your home and family but also for agriculture. Bats are like a natural pesticide. In South Carolina alone the State reports bats accounted for a reduction in insect/pest pesticide use amounting to $115M annually. And let’s not forget how bad pesticides are for us and the environment so more bats is a very good thing!⁣ - They are an “indicator” species in many regions for biodiversity and health of the ecosystem.⁣ - They are seed dispensers and natural reforest minions. Think Johnny Appleseed but with bat scat (guano, poops, you get the idea) instead of a sack of apple seeds.⁣⁣ ⁣ We were recently on our back deck at evening and were enjoying all the little birds flying at deep dusk time when I suddenly realized, those are bats!! I’m not a bat expert but we counted probably 20+ and we have small perimeter of forest around our suburban home so we promptly took up a bat box project. 10-12’ up from the ground, sun facing (especially morning sun), and it’s been a week but we are hoping we will have a colony or take up roost soon! ⁣ ⁣ I have also ordered some night pollinator/night blossoming flower and plant varieties for the garden in spring, in the hopes that might attract them as well as the bees and butterflies. ⁣ ⁣ Putting up a bat box is easy and could greatly contribute to these incredible superheroes! Find out about bats in your area & help them. #bats #pollinators #batbox #batboxes #naturalpestcontrol





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My poor bees don’t know if they’re coming or going in this weather. No wonder they struggle (amongst other reasons). We are back to 10 degrees, wet, VERY windy and miserable. I hope my hive is still standing in the morning 😳💨🌧❄️🐝 #weather #rain #urbanbeekeeping #freezingcold #spring #backtowinter #hives #apiary #beekeeping #pollinators #flowhive #nomorewinter



Musca (Latin for ‘the fly’.. originally called Apis ‘the bee’ 🐝) is a constellation south of Crux #southerncross ✨ For a time it was known as Musca Australis.. great #inspiration for #beesharphoneybee 🐝🎶 Huge thanks to our #crowdfund contributors so far! the #documentary is ready to roll.. #newmusic for download too, jump on board, see link in profile! @sunwrae #onthefly #savethebees #beethecure #🐝 #givebeesachance #astronomy #showmethemoney



Palamedes Swallowtail Explanation of Names Named for the mythological Greek inventor Palamedes, said to be inventor of a number of games, including dice. Perhaps the name is an allusion to the checkered patterns of the butterfly's wings. Wingspan 11-13 cm. Range Southeastern United States, extending into Central Mexico. Common in the NC coastal plain and sandhills, this species flies from spring into fall. The caterpillar host plant is Redbay (Persea borbonia), which may become threatened in NC by an invasive fungus-carrying beetle which is killing Redbay from NC down to northern FL. Habitat Wet forests and "bays" with hostplant. Season March through December in northern part of range (2 flights). Third flight in southern part of range in US. Food Larvae feed largely on Redbay (Persea borbonia). Adults take nectar from a variety of sources. Favorites include thistles, native Azaleas such as Rhododendron. . . #butterflies🦋 #closeup #naturephotos #wildlife #insects #entomology #butterflyphotography #buglife #pollinators



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