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I DID IT!!! Finally finished a version of the HOPE Beanie that I am 100% happy with 💗Instead of working it from the bottom up as I did with the mustard version, this one was worked from the top down💗 It looks so much better now all those pesky decrease stitches have been turned into increases, and look and sit better 💗 Thank you to everyone who encouraged me not to give up, in a week where I seemed to have lost all my strength and courage 💗 Pattern is just being tweaked and then I will be begging for testers if anyone is interested💗 What’s even better is the version that I am happy with is PINK, so fits my dearest friend Emma @emmeclairecrochet new #thinkpinkcrochet tag. 💗 Emma is amazing and loves everything pink 💗 If you don’t follow, have a look at her page. Her posts are just divinely gorgeous and she has made a pink addict out of me too 💗 And don’t forget to tag all your Pink makes with #thinkpinkcrochet so that not only Em, but we can all share in the pink deliciousness 💗 Oh, pink Pom, our new Zephyr 💗 So soft and fluffy. Link to Etsy in profile 💗





Be cool but don’t freeze! 🕶 New Beanies! Limited amount made! www.LOCALBOOGEYMAN.com #creep #satan #localboogeyman #beanies #pompombeanie



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