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SHOULD YOU GO TO UNIVERSITY? - As a believer in lifelong education, I firstly want to state that continuously learning and developing is NEVER a bad thing. You are the greatest investment that you’ll ever make. - There are some careers that higher education is non-negotiable. These could include becoming a doctor, dentist, accountant, clinician etc. In these instances, it is completely imperative. - Problems arise when a University education is chosen out of a lack of clarity - “I don’t know what to do” or if it’s based upon pleasing someone else like parents or teachers. - University is often pushed by parents and teachers because during the baby boomer era, that level of qualification was the gold standard. However, in today’s day and age a university degree is more saturated than its ever been. A lot of times, it just tends to teach the masses how to be more like the masses. - In this age of information overwhelm and unbelievable scale, there’s never been a greater opportunity for someone to achieve financial freedom. Don’t allow your life to be dictated by someone else’s vision for it. - My advice: Go to University if you need to go, or go if you have the money to pay for a 3 year holiday. 🤟



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