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Diversity. Good for plants. Good for people. Living in a rural area has been a refreshing change. Whether in cities or in small towns I tend to stick out. The sheer volume of people in urban areas usually results in more frequent instances of, “what are you?” “where are you from?” “what’s your nationality?” “where were you born?” “wow you’re so exotic” “are you Pakistani or Indian?” In Bluffton I’ve noticed a special kind of sincerity, kindness, and genuine curiosity. The meanest thing someone called me to my face was “yankee” because I’m from the #ATL. Most southerners don’t count Atlanta as The South, but I promise you it is. Oh, and to answer the previous questions: Capricorn, Georgia, American, Atlanta, ok but also not a zoo animal, sure. This is @hipstergardener posting for #countryqueers! #biodiversity #hybridvigor #queerasfarm #southernenough