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it will be war-zone again starting today. no idea whether it will be yay or nay in the next two months but I choose to walk by faith, not by sight. Faith that all will work out because You said so. #jinsummonedtokl#romans828





If you are ever feeling like your world is falling apart, be comforted in knowing Romans 8:28. You are loved greatly, if you ever need to talk I am here too. - #yeshua #christ #jesus #faith #prayer #pray #romans828 #love #peace #comfort #shelter #feelinglost #thingsgetbetter #lord #scripture



Some things just can't be taught. The anointing in this one is strong. It will work out for the good...#Romans828 Will one of my ATL peeps go check this out and get video of this scene? #Repost @phinekafriend • • • • • Fam‼️ This is the last week for tickets to the play. Y’all listen to my “Grandson” he wiped me out. Lord I’m in the scene when this 13 year old sings this and all I know is I’m going to have a whole towel. This was a quick rehearsal last night. Y’all this play got some singers. Lord I might have too sing an ooohh and a ahhhhh. @zoremient you killed it with the cast sir. @leamondjr06 and @iamb.collins y’all on these backgrounds. I cant take it.



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