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This, unfortunately, is something that we see every morning here on the beach. Through the night various predators such as raccoons, pizzotes, skunks, dogs, and crabs will dig up both new and old nests and eat the eggs and hatchlings inside. Then in the morning a large flock of vultures will come and clean up the scraps (whose footprints you can see in the first photo). While this is sad to see, it’s also the circle of life and we can’t stop every animal from using a easy and valuable source of nutrients. So we save what nests and baby turtles that we can and try to maintain a healthy population in adult Olive Ridleys. 😢🐢😢 #predators #beach #turtles #turtle #seaturtle #seaturtles #turtleeggs #eggeaters #racoons #vultures #conservation #threatened #biologist #biology #wildlifeconservation #turtleconservation #saveseaturtles



Isn’t it funny where life takes us? I never would have thought I’d be standing in the middle of the desert in Dubai, but here I am.. my eyes filled with wonder, my heart feeling excited and calm at the same time, my lips will not stop smiling.. I love exploring and the more I do the more I love to! I can’t wait to find the next adventure around the corner.. I am truly the definition of wanderlust ✨ (wanderlust = a strong desire to travel.) my bucket list only grows with my heart.. on my bucket list is : ✨swimming with whale sharks (not being fed but wild and free)✨volunteering at a turtle sanctuary ✨visiting the Galápagos Islands ✨medical mission in Africa and Haiti . And it goes on for days... . What is on your bucket list? What is stopping you from going? Live the life you love 💕



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