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When certain situations pierce your heart, tell your soul “I’m still in the not-yet. God’s not finished yet. The story’s not over yet. God is working ways I cannot see. My faith will be my substance and my evidence, my proof that I believe in the Almighty God who daily establishes His purposes for me. If I don’t have it yet, it’s because I’m not ready for it yet. God, make me ready. Prepare my heart. Teach me what I need to know.” And then, in the meantime, look around, and thank Him for the right-nows, the parts of your story where you’ve seen God’s handiwork and have experienced His faithfulness. Remember His goodness. Rely on His love, Trust that He is faithful. He’ll help you stay the course, keep the faith, and persevere to your next place of promise [Susie Larson - #sundayblessings ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📸: @evanhedrick



Aaah Friday, boy, am I glad to see you 😍 Joe and I are off out for brunch tomorrow and I’m so excited to get out the house for a little date day ❤️ Tonight we’ve got a standard evening on the cards, which basically consists of lots of episodes of Luther and copious cups of tea (what can I say, we know how to live the high life 😏🤷🏼‍♀️). Fun fact of my day, I took a trip to the Kingston Primarni after work and it is GINORMOUS and so quiet. Gone are the days of me battling my way into London. What a time to be alive 🙌🏻 I have to say, I’m so excited for a lay in AND tomorrow I’m having my first group FaceTime sesh with some of my fave gals. Big yes to weekends like this ✨



Happy weekend, lovely friends. I’ve written about some of my goals for 2019 and choosing a word for the year (+tips) on my blog. I have been talking (and talking!) about #tinglygoals (the topic of my podcast episode with @me_and_orla ) and also getting lots of questions about it too. So I thought it would be helpful to see how I write my goals and the sorts of things I include. (I love reading other people’s too - you?! Tag me below if you have written yours too, I’d love a nose) Link in profile and an entirely unrelated pic of some Dungeness grasses!


COFFEE SHOP ☕ Always on the hunt for cute coffee houses! 💚 32,000 steps down, I've found coffee, cake & beer...but not the ability to feel comfortable infront of the camera 📸😳🤭 #Praguestagram #Pragueworld #igersprague #thisdelightfullife #adventuringineurope #czechia #praguetoday #cornersofmyworld #pursuepretty #seeingthepretty #aseasonalyear #feelfreefeed #chattycaptioncommunity #theverygirl #holdyourmoments #searchwandercollect #darlingdaily #myseasonalstory #petitejoys #slowandsimpledays



Close-up of one of my new Valentine's Day cards 🐕 The cuteness level of this one is off the charts (OK OK, I may be biased 😉💕) Sign up to my newsletter to be among the first to know when my all of my new Vday cards officially hit the shop! Link in the bio 👉 @thatlauraknopp



#atmosphere created with love... to coffee 😋💕 and my choice today is something new: lime & dragon fruit 🐉 . . . . #seeksimplicity#whiteinterior #peaceandquiet#cozydecor#meetthemoment #seeingthepretty #embracingaslowerlife #magicmoments #verilymoment #thatauthenticfeeling #liveunscripted #cosy #cozy #livemoremagic #aestetic#aesthetics #artofslowliving#seekthesimplisity#postitfortheaecthetic#feelfreefeed#lifeunscripted#alittlebeautyeveryday#embracingaslowerlife #abccoffee





There’s a feeling when a batch of your invested energy and effort download: anticipation... you see your work in a new light, through the eye of a photographer. You wonder how the collection will 👀 to those who weren’t inside your head that day. One of the feelings is the people there on the day got it, they understood, they are a dream team. Quiet relief, because it all worked. I loved making this bouquet, it gave me a chance to put colours together that I wouldn’t always... without taking risks how do we know if something is going to work? #creativehappylife #ihavethisthingwithflowers #underthefloralspell 📷: 💃: @kingandbentleymakeup 🍷: @shaybybe 🥀: @sgfloraldesign



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