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Ladies/Fellas You Have To Do Better Stop Using The Amount Of Years You Been With Someone Be The Reason You Stay Around. Do You Know You Can Meet Someone in 6 Months & Feel The WORLD ? Someone Who Sees & Accepts You With Your Flaws & All & Can Careless What Your Past Looks Like. Ladies / Fellas Know Your WORTH . That Doesn’t Mean Your SOFT It’s Just Means They Know When They Have A QUEEN/ KING.Do You Ever Think Damn Maybe They Had Enough Too ? Maybe They Want To See What Happens If You Treat Someone Right ? What The Outcome Can Be ? What it Is To Come Home To Your Significant Other & Just Talk Your Problems Away & Not Always Put This Image Of HARDNESS But Come Home To PEACE & COMFORT ? Yet Get Judge Because Your Not Out Here Calling Them HOES ,FAGS , STRIPPERS , SELLING DRUGS, NOR BEING ABUSIVE CANT WIN 🤦🏽‍♀️ #goodmorningpost shareyourthoughtsbelow #shareyouroppinions #norightorwronganswers #ladies #fellas #straight #lesbians #transgender#loveyourself #loveislove #loveisequal


Pleeeeease!!! Your wish is my command!! #shareyouroppinions