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Respectfully to all dear #Sam_Animal_Shelter followers; We called out for #help many times and there was a few people who didn't let us down everytime. We are deeply under pressure and nearly broke. Images tell all about the debt we are in to Gilan Power Distribution Co, Electricity Distribution Co and Orangeribbon pet clinic for cases' treatments and surgeries up until now. Not only there is no support from any organization, but for doing the good things and #charity, we must pay about 25 million Rials to power company. Humble governmental Power Co authorities threatened that if the debt is not paid before the end of the current day, power transformer will be cut off. Without electricity, a real disaster will be going on and we won't even be able to clean the #shelter, cook for the #animals and we will face a great number of difficulties in #hygiene matters. On the other hand, there are a number of sick cases in the shelter and due to our 30 million Rials debt to the clinic, we can't afford to transfer anymore of the cases. Please help us as much as possible for you. In total we are in serious need of 60 million RIals. It is hard for a single person to Pay off the debt, but all hands in, we can get through this #crisis too, otherwise, the closure will be the only possible option for us. credit card No: 5894-6315-4446-9422 Mohammad Hedayati Ishka Please send the Receipt to our instagram page : ‌‏ @sam.hamian Or to this telegram account: @ samiraBp Thank you in advance.





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