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Thank you everyone that came out and celebrated with me. I am truly humbled. Thank you everyone for believing in me. 7 years clean and serene. #addictiontreatment #sobrietyrocks #soberlife #soberissexy #addictionrecovery #sobeiety #recoveryaddiction #sober #cleanandserene



I feel like this sometimes about #sobriety ~ At first #everyonenotices and everyone watches in #wonder -will you #flyorfall? #ifyoufall will you #keeptrying to fly? If you fly will you #soaraway? ~ Once the initial shock wears off -once you begin to #flapyourwings - some people will grow tired of craning their necks and they will return to their lives. Although, many more will be transfixed by your upward motion and movement. ~ Sporadic people through the crowd of onlookers will begin to flap their wings too, trying to gain some lift after seeing you take flight. The gap between you and the ground will grow with every flap of your wings. Don't look down! ~ #keepflyinghigher and those people who stopped craning their necks will still keep turning their heads, periodically to check up on your status. #thegoodnews is, the #higher #youfly , the smaller you seem to them and vice versa. ~~~~~





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