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#beforethepen and #afterthepen for this week. It's been a hot minute since I posted something. Is anyone else kinda sad that the year is almost over? #happyplanner #bighappyplanner #stickeraddict #livecreatively #stayorganized #planahappylife #mambi #memorykeeping #workplanner #plannersupplies #plannerjunkie


My Michaels planner (pictured) treated me well this year but I can’t wait to get my new planner from @handwrittenpaperco !!!!! If you don’t have a planner chosen for 2019, go check them out! They are AMAZING! #plannersgonnaplan #makersgonnamake #handwrittenpaperco #getyourplanneron #smallbusinessowner #stayorganized





I know the number on the scale isn't the most important thing but it sure feels good to see that number go down!! 😊 Check out the newest post on my blog to see how I've stayed organized and inspired through this whole journey. (link in bio)



Refrigerator goals! Today is National #CleanOutYourRefrigeratorDay, it's time to clean out your fridge making it easier to eat healthy! Especially since Thanksgiving is a week away and you'll need the space for leftovers. 😉 - 1. Empty each shelf. 2. Completely wipe down the inside of the refrigerator. 3. Wash drawers and underneath the drawers. 4. Throw away all expired food. 5. Get rid of trigger foods. 6. Vacuum condenser coils. 7. Vacuum/sweep under the refrigerator. 8. Restock shelves and drawers with food that will fuel your body and your workouts. - #VirtuallyAnywhere



🙋‍♀️ Stalak za začine... DA ili NE?🤔 . Dobro iskorišten prostor, preglednost izvrsna! . Ja kažem DA ☺️😉 . Ako je još netko za DA 😉, ima ga za kupiti u Bauhausu.. I taj Bauhaus zna baš iznenaditi ☺️☺️ . Pozz 😎 . 📷 Pinterest . #declutter #declutterwithmari #organize #organized #organization #getorganized #stayorganized #kitchenorganization #kitchengoals #organizedkitchen #storagesolutions #organizacija #organiziranje #organizacijakuhinje #drzaczacina #organizirajitismari #organizirandom



Such a pretty, clean desk that was created just for a picture. 😍 ✨ The truth? 🤦🏾‍♀️ I haven’t been feeling my office lately so I have been making changes. I would pile things on my desk and say I will take care of it later when I figured out what my issue was. 📚 I worked from the living room, the kitchen and my bedroom instead. While my office turned into an overstuffed storage room. ✨ And because I needed a pretty, clean desk, I had friends remove everything from the desk and put into boxes lined in my entryway. I have no clue what is in the bins. I haven’t needed what is in there this week. Which leaves me to wonder why do I even have this stuff? 🗑 ✨ Due to my addiction to office supplies and planners, I realized that I may have too much stuff. 🖇 And for whatever reason, I never want to give up anything in my office. But I must admit, I see what my decluttering and simplifying mission has done for other areas in our home. I need that same peace for my office. 🧘🏽‍♀️ ✨ Send Kleenex and a cupcake. I’m going to need it. 🧁



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