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If you want to watch a good documentary, watch this!!! I try to eat keto all the time, but I’m not perfect. My body feels a 100% better when I do eat high fat and low carb tho. My mind, my allergies, everything flows nicely. As a mom, I’m guilty with processed, shitty food at home. Mainly bc I hate cooking, everyone is picky and I’m lazy. I currently have about 42 boxes of high sugar high carb cereal in my pantry, highly processed foods in the freezer, for cryin’ our loud- Mads favorite meal is raw Ramon and chips/potatoes. I’m lazy bc I don’t want to force my kids to eat the way I do bc they won’t. And I’m a push over and let them eat whatever bc I don’t want to battle it. The kids tell me they don’t feel good or they have acne or they get headaches...and although I know don’t exactly what would make them feel better, but yet I don’t do anything about it. I wish I could scream: STOP CONSUMING SUGAR! But I sit in my corner, making my eggs with kerrygold butter and I choose not to fight the battle. It’s hard, I struggle. ESP because I love wine. If you’re ever needing to be on a lot of rx drugs or suffer from diabetes or feel sick-please just give this way of eating about 5 weeks and I promise you, it will change your life. It’s not about weight loss anymore, it’s about feeling good again without pumping our bodies full of sugar. I’ve went back and forth from diet to diet and I can say without a doubt that eating this way is better for me. Maybe not for everyone, but I have an addictive way about food and the minute I have sugar, it’s like cocaine, I crave it times ten. (I’ve never been on cocaine, but I can imagine that’s what it’s like). Take baby steps, if you drink pop/soda- stop with just that and see how you feel. There are so many recipes and keto ideas on the inter web, you won’t have a problem finding something. Make it easy tho, this way of eating is not rocket science. You don’t have to keep track of anything. You don’t have to eat ten times a day. All you have to do is eat low carb and higher fat. #trustme #ketodiet #stopwiththesugar #foodaddiction #themagicpill #dontarguewithme #sugaristhedevil



I don't know what this is... but it's NOT ok. Also, it stuck to the shelf so I couldn't read the ingredients..... would guess they're not natural. People drink this shit? Ewww #nofilter #chemicalsineverything #yuck #stopwiththesugar #sugarkills





The struggle is real. #stopwiththesugar #ketolife





I was craving something I got into my fit chews! These are my saviour! #stayingonplan #goals #stopwiththesugar #treat #vegan



Come on Esso. Do I really need a serving of diabetes with my fuel purchase? You are my favourite gas station, but be better than this. . #esso #essocanada #diabetes #canadiandiabetesassociation #stopwiththesugar #sugardetox #bigsoda #crossfit @crossfit



Mmmmmm, breakfast.... Many people have been commenting on my weight loss and yes it had a lot to do with stress, and still does! Owning an actual brick and mortar small biz makes one want to puke, especially the paperwork! But I also must now maintain this weight loss! I do lots of water with organic lemon oil and cayenne pepper, alkaline water, water with lemons and strawberries, hot water with raw unpasteurized honey and mother apple cider vinegar, water water water, veggies veggies veggies, no alcohol, no breads or sugars (except the occasional fruit), a bit of meat, no dairy what so ever not even the fake stuff AND NO DESSERTS! Unless I am at the Pilot, then I let myself BINGE!!!! PS I also take my vitamins and do a large dose of liquid D3 to boost my HAPPY levels whilst eating non fun stuff!!!! 🌞🌞🌞🌞 #stupiddiets #thisisforty one #oldlady #wieghtloss #downsize #myjawlineisback #isthisjinxingmyself #smallbizdiet #stressworkout #losingwieght #appelcidervinegar #mother #applecidervinegardetox #rawhoney #alkalinewater #downfoursizes #drinkyourselfhealthy #water #stopwiththesugar #organic #eayourselfhealthy #takeyourvitamins I must say this, the day I could rock the first present josh ever bought me, almost eight years ago, my absolutely favorite pair of black jeans, I knew i could do this!!! To stay on top of it. I finally am willing to do a lifestyle change!



3 months sugar free! -It's not easy and I wasn't always strong but I stuck with it and it's completely worth it. Our world today is over run by sugar and you see it everywhere you go. I can honestly say it is the best lifestyle change I have made so far and I plan to stick with it 👌🏼✌🏼️ #sugarfree #sugar #antisugar #saynotoexcesssugar #saynotoprocessedfoods #lifestylechange #feelgood #livenatural #health #naturalliving #sticktofruit #eathealthy #eatnatural #eatwell #stopwiththesugar



Wow....this is interesting! Water is the best for all! #drinkmorewater #foodforthought #stopwiththesugar