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Well, I think I have stopped crying long enough to finally shout that my baby is ONE. The best part of this year has been watching Emmett grow up. His cute laugh (that sounds like a grown man), his facial expressions, his pouty lip, when he hugs me tight and licks me all over, the way he tilts his head when he’s trying to be cute, the way he shouts and yells when i one is looking at him, the way he spits out his food and thinks it’s funny, the way he hits me really hard and then gets sad and comes to kiss me... this kid wins. He wins at life. Never ever ever did I imagine I’d be so obsessed with someone (besides Daniel). I am SO honored that God chose us to be his parents. HBD, Emmett. #nomorecake #stopwiththesugar #hatedeverysecond #EllenRateMyBaby



Teachable Thursday: there are 4 teaspoons of sugar/gram. Mountain Dew has 46g/12 fl oz. Because I can do math with a calculator I find out there’s a little over 11 teaspoons of sugar in a 12 oz serving (almost a teaspoon/ oz)of Mountain Dew. Pictured is a 12oz glass & in it is 11 teaspoons of sugar (just shy of 1/3C). The WHO (not the rock group) has cut its recommended sugar intake for ADULTS to about 6 teaspoons a day. More math with a calculator & find out that’s almost double the recommended amount of sugar in one serving. My takeaway is stop drinking soda. Also just to set the record straight, I didn’t bring the soda into the house. #drinkwater #stopwiththesugar #readthelabel #dothemath







"We live in a society where a mother catches less hell for giving her toddler a coke than she does for giving her toddler breastmilk. I am working to change that in my lifetime." -Deanna Decker 💜 #breastfeeding #extendedbreastfeeding #normalizebreastfeeding #letsbereal #natureknows #bethechange #bewell #nutrition #stopwiththesugar #beinformed #makeadifference #foodmatters



Come on Esso. Do I really need a serving of diabetes with my fuel purchase? You are my favourite gas station, but be better than this. . #esso #essocanada #diabetes #canadiandiabetesassociation #stopwiththesugar #sugardetox #bigsoda #crossfit @crossfit



Mmmmmm, breakfast.... Many people have been commenting on my weight loss and yes it had a lot to do with stress, and still does! Owning an actual brick and mortar small biz makes one want to puke, especially the paperwork! But I also must now maintain this weight loss! I do lots of water with organic lemon oil and cayenne pepper, alkaline water, water with lemons and strawberries, hot water with raw unpasteurized honey and mother apple cider vinegar, water water water, veggies veggies veggies, no alcohol, no breads or sugars (except the occasional fruit), a bit of meat, no dairy what so ever not even the fake stuff AND NO DESSERTS! Unless I am at the Pilot, then I let myself BINGE!!!! PS I also take my vitamins and do a large dose of liquid D3 to boost my HAPPY levels whilst eating non fun stuff!!!! 🌞🌞🌞🌞 #stupiddiets #thisisforty one #oldlady #wieghtloss #downsize #myjawlineisback #isthisjinxingmyself #smallbizdiet #stressworkout #losingwieght #appelcidervinegar #mother #applecidervinegardetox #rawhoney #alkalinewater #downfoursizes #drinkyourselfhealthy #water #stopwiththesugar #organic #eayourselfhealthy #takeyourvitamins I must say this, the day I could rock the first present josh ever bought me, almost eight years ago, my absolutely favorite pair of black jeans, I knew i could do this!!! To stay on top of it. I finally am willing to do a lifestyle change!



So, I finally changed my battery and could see my stats today! This is a great workout without the pod but it's nice to see it too. Tough class for me tonight. Felt like I was moving slowly and sweating out gingerbread cookies and candy. Oh my....#changeyourbattery #orangetheoryfitness #stopeatingallthecrap #stopwiththesugar #gingerbreadsweat #youbetterwork



Back to basics. On the road to a healthier me starts with healthier snacks🍌🍓. Sorry carrot cake and Haribo Gummi Bears. You have got to go😥 #stopwiththesugar #healthierme #ezekielbread #snacktime



Wow....this is interesting! Water is the best for all! #drinkmorewater #foodforthought #stopwiththesugar





Buying SAD foods for our sugar decor at the office. Awful that some people buy this stuff to actually eat. #bittersweet #advancetalk #beafatburnernotasugarburner #stopwiththesugar #gross