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i love the twent one pilot boys so much!! my best friend/daddy met me through them, i love him so much :) but here’s a reminder that i don’t love boys! boys are grody and dicks are ugly 😝😝 my favorite twenty one pilot song is most likely heathens bc it was in that movie with the lil wayne song i think. was it? idk gamers let me know down in the comments below #suicidesquad #suicideattemptnumber7 this is just a little psa to you disgusting heterosexual sinners that i am in fact much more attracted to females than males!! i am not gay but bisexual. btw, i like boys and girls and everything in between and outside :)) sorry boys, this is the last time i’ll say it: GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU HETERO PIECE OF SHIT!!!! 😡😡sorry for being so #savage and trolling you #normies but i’m tired of straight people saying things like “gay is a sin” or “it’s a phase” it is totally not you #unepic normies!!! i know who i am and who i’m attracted to, so much so that i fall for people that don’t live anywhere near me and i’ve never seen irl. #longdistance daddy is the only boy i will ever look at. he makes me feel like shit when he bully’s me and i don’t say anything because i’m self destructive and i like it 😏😏 by the way, i’m not gay! i’m bisexual, haven’t said that in a few sentences sorry. don’t want any nasty boys trying to hit on me, if they do it for more than 20 minutes i’ll have to send naughty pictures of myself and watch them send things back 😣😣why are boys so sexual :( anyways bros, i’ll see you in the next one Remember, #loveislove #brofist #gay #imeanbisexualilikegirlsandnonbinarypeoplemorethanboysbutimstillattractedtoboys #mymentalhealthisquestionablebutitsokaybecauseimgayimeanbisexualilikeboysandgirlsbutibustfatnutswheniseenonbinarupeopleandalsogirls