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Havalar, salgınlar, yoğun tempolar derken enerjiler düşerse; zorlayıcı beslenmelerden dolayı zihinler bulanırsa ‘ısırgan otu infüzyonu’ tutuverir elimizden. Sağolsun, yıllardır @gizemonayluna sayesinde vazgeçilmezimdir, blogundan bazı kesitler ekledim, detaylar için muhakkak ziyaret edin 🙏💜 #ısırganotu #susanweed #kadınşifadır #adanalıanneler #yoginimom #yogaeveryday #sağlıklıyaşıyoruz #pranayama #adanaçocukyogası #teenyoga #yogaadana #adanayoga



Doula Services ✨🌙💛 If you’re ever in need of a #doula in #kcmo or #kc #kansas , look up @doulanadah ! She is a beautiful #lmt and #birthdoula with decades of wisdom and experience! Happy Birthing 💙 #birth #incarnation #support #trust #honor #love



🌿NOURISHING HERBAL INFUSIONS Susan Weed is an advocate of infusions. Over night steep your nourishing herbs like nettle, oat straw and red clover and then drink throughout the next day. Infusing over night makes the tea stronger and more magically medicinal. #susanweed #tipsherbal #tipsherbalife #australianherbalists #lilyoftheherbs ftheherbs



Bir demirhindi serbeti yapılışı. Takipcim paylasti. Bu arada beni #pascalbaudar bile beni takip ediyor, gurur duydum. Pascal Baudar kimdir biliyor musunuz? Fermantasyon konusunda dünyanin en basarili, en duayen insanidir. Neleri fermante eder aklınızı oynatirsiniz! Ağaç kabuklarindan gazoz neyim yapar! Takip edin onu. Bir de #susanweed# var en iyilerden. Ama Pascal oskarlik insandir. Biz bozulduk. Bugün piyasadaki mesir macunlarini inceledim de... Mesire glikoz şurubu kim katar arkadaş? Hem de en bilinen markalarda. Üzerinde de yaziyor. Macunlara kim glokoz şurubu katar! Üstelik bunu da icindekiler kismina yazar. Zaten okuyan yok ya! Böyle bir şey olabilir mi? #demirhindi #şerbet #demirhindişerbeti #kayrafermente



Comfrey is one of those plants that can either do a lot of good, a lot of harm, or both. The PAs, which can lead to liver damage in some people, are most concentrated in the root. So avoid that part when you want to use to use this herb internally. As for the leaves, they still contain some PAs, though there are ways to harvest and prepare them to reduce the amount. Comfrey has been a traditional western herb for people recovering from broken bones (thus it's nickname KnitBone) as well as in nutrient-dense tea blends pregnant women (see Susan Weed's #NourishingInfusions ). Because of the real possibility of risk to the liver, and because it can still be really useful for injuries and dry skin, you can also just use Comfrey safely on unbroken skin. #comfrey #knitbone #herbalism #herbnerd #plantlover #naturelover #herbsofinstagram #susanweed #nourishingherbalinfusions #foodasmedicine #nutritious #nutrientdense #herboftheday #schooloflife #plantsofinstagram #heal #greenwitch #naturalhealth #happymonday #themoreyouknow #herbalifenutrition #healthylifestyle #herbalists #medicinewoman #plantbased #wisewoman



Inspired by #susanweed . slippery elm and honey to soooooth the tummy.



As many of you know I’m the biggest proponent of #infusions. They are the queen of tea, allowing minerals to unlock their life giving goodness. Yes, you use a lot of plant matter, but that is the difference between a tea and a nutritional supplemental infusion. Nutritive herbs like milky oats, oatstraw, nettles, chickweed, violet, red clovers and plantain leaves make infusions that are the equivalent to eating a huge salad ( but instead of having to digest and absorb, the liquid nutrition is extremely bio-available) minerals are earthen-rock like.. they need time + heat to break down the cell walls that protect them. ___________ HOW TO ————— 1. Fill any jar 1/3 full of dry plant matter. 2. Pour hot water to fill the entirety of the jar. 3. Let this sit for 8 hours-overnight for a strong infusion. 4. Enjoy a cup or 4 a day! An infusion this large lasts me three days. Under stressful times I can consume upward of a whole jar a day. Places to shop for quality drinking herbs are places like @lhasakarnak in Berkeley, California, @mountainroseherbs, @starwestbotanicals, if you do a bit of researching you might be able to find some great permaculture growers or wild harvesters that you would like to support🌟. _____________ #herbs #herbalism #herbalist #infusion #herbalinfusions #plantbased #plants #ntp #wildgrown #permaculture #minerals #anxietyhelper #peaceful #susanweed #nutrition #plantnutrition #nourishingtraditions #nourish





'bout to be some serious reading up in here #ilovemyvagina #plantmedicine #energymedicine #selflove #susanweed



🔥 F U L L * M O O N 🍄 🍄B L E S S I N G S 🔥 ~ There’s juicy apples bursting off every branch A field full of GORGEOUS sheep Can only mean one thing ... ** HARVEST FULL MOON IN ARIES - Taking action, to initiate new projects and ideas that will enable abundance to flow freely and generously. - harvest your best skills, collect your knowledge, and use the fiery energy of Aries, to move into the new. - What skills will sustain us over the Winter months? The energy we put in now whilst the fire is hot and the Ram is bright will pay off when the cold sets in. - Collect berries, apples, kindling - Share the abundance we have with others Like Mother Nature demonstrates time and time again, there is always enough. We always get everything we need and more. ** I saw a happy squirrel dashing up a tree with a huge chestnut in his mouth! Perfect reflection of this day! ** Thank you to Bree Rain Calarco for sharing this song with me, we sang it on Saturday at our Yoni event, she originally heard it from Susan Weed. There’s another verse to it, “In the heart of my womb lays my wisdom” ** Many blessings for this full moon 🌕 Blessed be 🍂🍂🍂🍂



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