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Porktober 31 Day Picture Challenge Day 16: We Care - Environment DYK, just on the 10,000 pigs we raise each year, we save 180 acres of corn (whole corn and DDGs) and 90 acres of soybeans (in soybean meal) by simply raising pigs indoors?? How, you ask? Because comfortable animals require less feed (land) and water to grow to market weight! A win for sustainability and the earth! 🌎 Farmers are always striving for improvements in reducing our environmental footprint. #realpigfarming #sustainability #sustainablefarming #porkcares #porktober #familyfarm #cafo





I heard recently that beet greens are even more nutrient dense than the roots. I haven’t researched this to know if that’s true but I have no doubt they are chock full of vitamins and minerals. They can be used like spinach or swiss chard. These are growing beautifully in our unheated greenhouse right now and are tender and delicious! Available in our farm store.


It’s Farmer’s Market day in Los Angeles! Don’t forget the California Seasonal Guide I’ve put together for October so that you’re aware of all the produce you’ll find at the market during this month! The guide will save you time, money + add excellent quality to your menu, by helping you to buy local + seasonal! 👉🏻 Link in Bio 📃 :: The California Seasonal Guide for November will be out this weekend!




H u m p D a y + all the coffee kind of Wednesday 🌿 #wearingwanderandwonder . . . Help me grow with a like + comment 🌱I will gift a Onesie or Toddler Tee to 1 person monthly to show my gratitude! Thank you for supporting my commitment to handmade + organic 🌱



There has been plenty of buzz recently following the excellent coverage by @sjdooley on the real cost of #fashion - everyone seems to be giving a little more thought to their wardrobe choices which fills us with hope! We'd like to highlight the obvious, that these same issues exist in the agricultural #food market. Our projects in #Ethiopia are designed to help farmers move away from using pesticides that harm their health and the environment. Our partner, PAN Ethiopia, is part of an ambitious initiative led by the African Union which aims to develop a #sustainable #organic #farming system. Its mission is to promote ecologically sound practices among stakeholders in production, processing, marketing and policy making to safeguard the #environment, improve livelihoods, alleviate poverty and guarantee food security. Find out more on our website. 📷 thanks to ISD . . . . . #organic #organicfood #pesticidefree #costoffashion #sustainablefashion #sustainablefarming #healthyeating #supportsmallbusiness #agroecology #ipm #pestmanagement #sustainablefood #fashionsdirtysecret #organiccotton #organicfarming



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