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It’s in the times when I’m trying too hard to fit into the entrepreneurial game world that I’m the most uncomfortable in my own skin. And I can feel it. _ It seems everywhere you look someone is flashing their millionaire, rich lifestyle and talking about making more money. _ And hey, if that’s their destiny, then so be it. But I really can’t help but think that when they first began they thought more about the people they were helping. And as they made more money, their focus shifted away from some of those deeper cares of others and went more towards how they can make their next million. _ This isn’t a problem as it doesn’t really matter how much money another makes, It becomes a concern when it clouds your own vision for your calling in this world. _ There are many, many millionaires and billionaires who are living authentic lives and do have a deep concern for others. They’re just not as loud about it. _ It doesn’t mean that you can’t desire to make millions, but focusing on an extravagant lifestyle and money will never get you there. _ Remember who you are. _ What’s important to you. _ And how and why you want to help and serve others. 😉





Remember a few years ago when you wished you had what you have today? Take a gratitude moment for all that you are, how far you've come, and give yourself a pat on the back. You're a champ. 👊🏾 🏆



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