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Let’s talk about 💩 today. __ For essentially all of 2017 I suffered from horrible digestion issues. I was always so freaking gassy, always needing to 💩 and my 💩 consistency just wasn’t healthy. __ I also suffered from horrific bloating issues. I’d often (no joke) look 6 months pregnant, with discomfort and pain as well. __ I ignored this for a good 9 or so months. The main reason being: everyone on social media seemed to have similar issues and they all kept saying it’s normal🙃 __ Guess what? It’s not fucking normal😒 __ I’m not blaming others for this, it’s my fault for listening to people who were giving stupid/incorrect/uneducated advice🙄 __ Anywho, I eventually went to see a GI doc. After weeks of tests and consults, they concluded that I’m partially lactose intolerant, have IBS, and that it’s all perfectly normal. __ They told me it was normal to be farting left right and center all day everyday. They told me it was normal to be having the shits every fucking day🙄 __ I wasn’t convinced with any of their bullshit. I took it upon myself to do my own research, and do some testing on myself. __ Long story short: I don’t have IBS, I’m not partially lactose intolerant, and what I was going through wasn’t normal. __ Turns out I’m intolerant to whatever manufacturers add to flavored yogurt. THATS IT!!! Eating a shit ton of flavored Greek yogurt daily was my fucking issue🙄 __ And I also now take probiotics every single day. I hardly ever get bloated anymore or have any digestive issues! __ Moral of the story: 1. Don’t listen to stupid uneducated people 2. Don’t listen to doctors who tell you you’re perfectly fine when you know you’re not 3. Do your own research 4. Be patient



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