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One of the benefits of growing microgreens is you can have a shot of fresh pressed wheatgrass a day! Filled with chlorofyl it's a blessing for your body! #wheatgrass #powerfood #urbanfarmer #hastagnegenduust







I recently had 3 “wild” chickens show up at my house. They ran around Saluda for three weeks with people calling me all the time telling me my chickens were out. Over and over I had to say they were not mine, but I’m grateful to live in a community that watches out for my girls! . . Fast forward and those 3 chickens, that we named the Saluda Wild Girls, ended up at my coop on their own will. Only a few days after their arrival we realized THEY WERE ALL ROOSTERS 🐔 . . I let them stay for a while, and then suddenly two of them disappeared. They didn’t like going in the coop at night so I didn’t force it. Mother Nature got two of them. . . SNOWMAGEDON came and I guess Miss Lilah wanted some snow day food of her own, because guess who brought me the last rooster in her mouth, and so very proud of herself 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ll spare the details of how it happened, but this is the reason Miss Lilah was given up when she was little. She played a little too rough with the chickens on her farm. . . This is Sunday when the snow is really coming down. After many thoughts run through my head and I make many calls to friends and mentors (thanks @dawncaltonjordan for the pep talk), I decide I will process this chicken in my yard, in the middle of the snowstorm, by myself. And what else better to have beside you in the middle of a snow storm, while unexpectedly processing a chicken, and hoping everything turns out ok, than a bottle of good wine from a friend @overmountainvineyards 🍷 . . Im not a huge meat eater, but I do believe that if you do eat meat, that we all consider where it came from, how it was raised, and to use every possible part of the animal that you can. Minimal waste. . . I gave thanks to this chicken, thanks to @thebradleyfarm for teaching me a few years ago how to even begin this process, and thanks to a good bottle of wine to get me through the process and celebrate its short life with us. . . Miss Lilah and Bravyn had great SNOWMAGEDON meals and will have broth left over dayssssss. . . Life of an urban farmer 👩🏻‍🌾 . . #beardedbirdsfarm #ladyfarmer #youngfarmer #womenwhofarm #thankafarmer #whywegrow #urbanfarmer #saludanc #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom #givethanks





Sunflower farming is turning out into a important cash crop in Punjab. Sunflower oil is considered as a premium compared to other vegetable oil and it fits in between two kharif crop seasons thereby helping the farmers not only earn quick buck, it also helps in soil conservation and gets the soils ready for the next kharif harvest. . #sunflower #farming #punjab #nature #naturephotography #incredibleindia #instagram #indiaphotostory #travel #indiatourism #india_undiscover #photography #landscapephotography #landscape #naturelovers #urbanfarmer #discoverindia #dowhatyoulove #dowhatmakesyouhappy #travellover #travelouge #traveler



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