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I'm so excited to announce a new series tittled Little Black Book #LBB that I've been drawing up for you guys. First edition will be on SOIL MATES! Yes plants have their love drama in the garden too! But don't worry I'll be breaking it down to help you plan your layout so that everyone is pleased. Every week starting from Feburary, I'll be highlighting one variety of crop. Along with their current lovers and ex's and what you can do to obtain peace amongst them. So stay tune for it and hit follow to stay up to date with all the messy love triangles.



It’s baking day! 🥖 I’m back at it today after a little break since Christmas. My family was like, “Mom it’s time for an intervention, we can only eat so much bread 🍞and the freezer is full!” We have now depleted our stores and I’m ready to dive back in. I’m going to post to my stories about my process today for those of you who have asked about making sourdough bread. I’m very much still on the milling and baking journey myself but I’m happy to share anything I know or have learned along the way. Please feel free to put your questions below. 👍. If I don’t know - I can point you towards people who do. 👩🏻‍🍳 P.S. This photo is from a recipe that I created last fall. I’m remaking 8 loaves of it today. Swipe left for the beginnings of today’s bread. P.P.S. A lot of people ask me if we grow our own grains. I’d like to grow some and this summer I am going to try and grow Quinoa and Amaranth but if I’m honest I love buying grain from local farmers who I know. Supporting local agriculture is a key part of how we can reconnect to our food source. 🌾 ————————————— Einkorn Rye Red Wheat Sesame Sourdough -2 loaves ————————————— 1. 100g Organic Rye 2. 100g Organic Einkorn 3. 70g Organic Hard Red Wheat 4. 800g KA bread flour 5. 25g sea salt 6. 850g of water 7. Autolyze 1.5 hrs 8. Add the remaining 50g of water and salt. 9. Bulk rise about 4 hours folding and turning every 30 minutes for the first 2.5 hours adding sesame seeds after first hour. 10. When there has been a 20-30% increase in volume you’re there. 11. Divide and shape rolling top in sesame seeds and let bench rest 20-30 minutes 12. Line proofing baskets with linen or dish towels. 13. Final shaping, put top down into basket and put in the fridge for a cold bulk rise til morning. 14. Preheat oven to 500F with combo cast iron bakers inside. 15. Line with baking paper and transfer loaf to the bottom of the baker - quickly score the top. 16. Put the lid on and quickly return to the oven. Bake for 20 min then reduce heat to 450 for another 10 then remove lid and finish baking for 25 mins on 450. 17. Allow to cool completely on a baking rack before slicing



Coming up on January 25th from 6-7:30 @thegoldenhoof -- Permadynamics, a workshop to bridge permaculture design methodology and the intuitive and spiritual applications and insights of biodynamic agriculture. The evening will be facilitated by Pat Frazier, a renowned biodynamic practitioner and Western Slope homesteader. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity for collaboration and merging paradigms!⠀ ⠀ #nederland #colorado #permaculturedesign #eco #urbanhomestead #permaculture #ethicalharvesting #sustainability #selfsufficiency #selfreliance #selfsufficient #growyourownfood #organiclife #organiclifestyle #organic #organicgardening #holistichealth #holistic #riseup #changetheworld #socialchange #socialjustice #homeprojects #inspiration #growsomethinggreen #biodynamic #biodynamicfarming #coloradogrown #biodynamics #permaculture



Waiting is the hardest part! I am itching to get back Gardening this year. I have a lot of ideas for improving and rebuilding the side yard garden. Now that we are in the new year, it’s time to start talking about them and sharing those ideas with you! Do you agree?



Plants on my brain! Literally. This Boston Fern at #salisburygreenhouse is a king of indoor air cleaning! The key to growing them though is humidity. If you don't have a spot that regularly gets some humidity, such as a bathroom or the kitchen, then be sure to have a spray bottle or mister! Indirect light is best. And they prefer to be root-bound in their pots! #indoorplants #airpurifier #doraberry 👩‍🌾🧝‍♀️🌸🌱 #sustainablelandscapedesigner #landscapedesign #gardendesign #habitatdesign #educator #gardencoach #kitchengarden #ediblelandscape #pollinatorgardens #raingardens #nativegardens #naturescape #ecoscape #biologist #sustainability #environmentaldesign #yeglandscapedesign #yeglandscaping #yeggarden #urbanag #urbanhomestead #bringingnatureback #natureinthecity #yeg #shpk #strathco



The girls are finally getting back to work after their molt. Which of course means baking!! 🥖🍞🧁🍰🎂🍪 #allthecarbsplease #thebestpartaboutkeepingchickens 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚 . . . . . . #chickensofinstagram #backyardchickens #chickens #goldengirls #easteregger #backyardfarm #urbanchickens #freerange #urbanhomestead #backyardflock #freerangechickens #goldencomet #bufforpington #sapphirechicken



When someone this cute comes for a visit, you drop everything you're doing and smooch their cheekies! Oh yeah, and make silly noises and faces, too! . . . . . #mostlygreek #gardening #family #greeks #greek #babies #baby #babycheeks #greekfood #greekcooking #gardentotable #familygatherings #familygathering #bestgrandmaever #familylife #californialife #urbanhomestead #urbangardening #healthyliving #happiness





I just received my heirloom Luffa seeds from a sweet farmer in Georgia, and he sent me a letter with them telling all about their history, uses, and how to grow. I love passionate growers, support your small farmer in any way that you can, you’re helping out a family that loves what they do. ❤️ #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal #supportsmallfarms #localfarmers #homestead #homesteading #urbanhomestead #urbangarden #urbangardener #happy #plantsmakepeoplehappy #georgia #florida #homegrown





Can't wait for my tomato plant to bloom again. Waiting on the nice weather, even though we need this rain.



So this is what my daughter did with our radish seeds. I found this one growing right next to our patio😂 #radishes #kitchentable #growyourownfood #farmtotable #urbangardener #urbanhomestead #goathill #organic #vegetables #ediblegarden #permaculture #gardeningsoutherncalifornia #zone10a #zone10b



Raspberries are my fav berry. I love that violet-like aromatic sweetness they have. Did you know the raspberry plant is also used in the apothecary? 🕊 Raspberry leaves are used medicinally as a uterine tonic and an herb for women's health. Today's podcast episode covers several herbs for women's health, including raspberry leaf! 🕊 You can listen to the episode at aromaculture.com/podcast or through your podcast player of choice via the 'Herbs and Oils' Podcast. Enjoy! 🕊 p.s. - While I often include updates about the podcast in my newsletters, I don't usually post about them here. Would you prefer to get podcast reminders here or via email? Have you ever listened to the podcast?







-25 degC won’t get me down! 😝 only like 4 months left until our region’s last frost date!✨🌺 growing in Zone 2 is a challenge! {Anyone have any tips on keeping an amaryllis bulb until next year? Mine never make it and I always have to buy new! 🤷‍♀️} #livesimple #urbanhomestead



I can’t remember where I saw these because I was about 500 scrolls deep in #chickencoopsofinstagram but I so wanted to try them out! We usually use sawdust/wood chips in our nesting boxes, because we can get it free from our local saw mill. It works okay. I thought these might keep the eggs a bit cleaner though. I have 5 nesting boxes so we will see how long this 10 pack lasts for me. We’ve had a couple days of wet weather so I need to get those boxes cleaned up anyways. We built the insides of our coop before we really knew much about chickens and I’m hoping this spring we can remodel them to better serve the chickens and us. #urbanhomestead #chickencoopsofinstagram #chickens #chickencoops #backyardchickens #crazychickenlady #urbangarden #homemade #homestead #homegrown #husslebeecorner



It seems that winter has made an official return to Calgary overnight, so I’ll just be over here drinking my coffee and admiring last season’s garden photos. 💚 For me - nothing says spring like those first tender pea shoots coming up from the ground. Peas are probably the spring crop I look forward to the most. I try my best to freeze lots of them, but we both love eating them fresh so much that sometimes it just doesn’t happen 🤦🏻‍♀️ What are you most looking forward to this spring? 🌱 #throwback #tbt





Change is the only constant in life ... I moved to the country when my eldest was 5 months old. 8 years goes by in a flash. • __ How this place has taught us all so much. • __ I remember my first flock of chickens - all 300 of them #nojoke 🤣🐔🐓🐣 • __ I remember play dates with so many littles frolicking in the creek. 💖🌲💧 • __ I remember the sweet smells of every season that's passed. Those memories will forever stay with me. • __ My children all had their first steps here. • __ They learned to ride their bikes down this road. • __ Our first garden. Our first picnic. Our first time sleeping under the stars... • __ I became an entrepreneur here. • __ I learned how truly strong I can be here. • __ So many peaks and valleys of my life I've experienced here over these past 8 years. • __ And now this year, a new chapter is unfolding for me and my little crew... • __ The 5 of us will be saying goodbye to this particular space as our home. • __ We will remain in the country, still with farm fields in our backyard and that small town feel we've come to call home. We will be closer to town however to continue this adventure. • __ The kids will be closer to school, friends and community. We will have a little urban homestead, still with some chickens and ducks. Raised garden beds and room to frolic. • __ I'm excited, really excited. • __ I'm scared, 'cause change can feel a little scary. • __ But you know what they say. If it excites you and scares you at the same time... It probably means you should do it. 😘 • __ This was a decision that wasn't taken lightly without months and months of soul searching, prayer and patience to decide what was right within my heart. • __ And as different as something new can be, I know we are doing the right thing - for everyone. • __ A new adventure is unfolding... and I'm happy to have this cozy space of the internet to be able to bring you all along for the journey too. 😘😘 r.m. • __ 📸 jakabnicolett • __ #liveyourbestlife #thelittles #myangels #momlife #momofmany #urbanhomestead #momboss #daretodream



On a cold starry wintery night With a whole lot of yellow light Out I lay in my terrace yard In my pyjamas, sans the facade! Ps: when you don’t have a ground floor house, you get your very own tree to hang those lanterns! Also the boys helped me find it while they were looking for some garbage to play with 🙈😆 #myhome #homedecor #myterrace #exteriors #myhometoday #terracedecor #decordrama #mydecordrama #urbanhomestead #indianhomes #faujihome #faujiwife #faujiwifelife #weddedtotheolivegreen #interiordecor #lamps #cornersofmyhome #urbanladder #goodhomesindia #goodhomesmagazine #pepperfry #insideoutside #decoralleyindia #lanterns #decorist #myhomemyrules #myhomevibe #diy #diyhomedecor





I made chicken stock for the first time! Someone told me you could do it in a pressure cooker to cut the time in half so I thought I would give it a try and it seems to have worked. The chicken pieces came from the very first chicken that we ate from our old flock. It is so rewarding to grow and raise your own food! . I have been cooking with the same pressure cooker that used to be my mother-in-laws, for 7 years now and I still love it! I know there is all this hype about instapots, but why would I spend $100 when I have a perfectly good pressure cooker and crockpot that was free? Just sayin’! . #homesteading #homesteadinglife #pressurecooker #chickenstock #homemadechickenstock #urbanhomestead #urbanhomesteading #myurbanhomesteadlife #naturalliving #homegrownchicken



I don't think I'll ever get over walking into backyard to grab a few veggies for a meal. Dreaming about the day when the eggs are our own as well. #murrayhillhomestead #urbanhomestead #urbanfarmer #farmlife #farmfresh #homesteadersofamerica #breakfast #kale #radish #homegrown



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