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DAY 50/365 “You” is a beautiful word. Have you ever thought about that? In order to properly use it, you have to be talking to someone. It requires two parties. I’m so grateful for all of my you’s. You there, reading this. Thanks for stopping by to check in. Maybe you’re an old friend, maybe you’re an internet stranger, but I’m glad you’re one of my you’s. Life is better with you’s. I wasn’t always convinced of that, and we live in a world where the tendency is for each of us to pass over the you’s by focusing solely on our own selfish me’s. Don’t do it. Life’s best moments are shared with a you. Road trips, breakfast in bed, vacations, camping adventures—all better with a you. You see, you’s get us out of our own heads, out of our own perspective, and they make us better. You’s teach us things we simply couldn’t learn any other way. Our you’s help us grow, stretch, learn, and feel things we just wouldn’t without their influence. The word you is part of the most powerful phrase I know: I love you. And that phrase leads to an even more simple and more beautiful word: us. Sure, you’ll find some unkind you’s, some disappointing you’s, and even your longtime you’s might leave you discouraged sometimes, but don’t give up on the you’s in favor of the me’s and I’s. Surround yourself with the good you’s and be the best possible kind of you for theim, too. Thank you for being one of my you’s. Thanks for running alongside me like a road along a desert river on this crazy, winding adventure. For being a sounding board. For chiming in with encouragement. For reaching out to volunteer for adventures, offer me your couch, your home, your companionship, your friendship, and for making me one of your you’s, too.



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