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. . 🍳🍳🍳SORRY EGGS!🍳🍳🍳 . 🥚You taste great and I used to love to eat you and feel like I was being super healthy...but sadly that is not the case. . 🌱I am using this #repost from @physicianscommittee with #thetruthabouteggs as motivation for the upcoming #7DayVeggie challenge! Starting October 22nd I will be participating in this free Instagram Challenge to go Whole Food Plant Based for 7 days, which includes NO EGGS! . 🙌🏻Please join me in this challenge! Click the link in the bio of @theveggiemd to sign up, and you will receive a free 20 page Plant Based Challenge guide. Follow the hashtag #7DayVeggie to see recipes and motivation from over 100 health care providers who are participating in the challenge. . 🤔I am trying to think of what I would share, because everyone knows I don’t cook...TBD😂



Today I say, be grateful. Think about all that you have accomplished. All that you own. Personally, I can remember 25 years ago not being able to get into law school. Hell, I can remember as a kid just wanting to not have to boil water on the stove just to take a hot bath. And having to use pink lady dish soap for bubble baths. 𗁧 Now today I’ve operated my own law firm for 20 years & I take a luxurious hot bubble bath almost every night. I remember dreaming of owning a Mercedes & living in a house. In my short life, I’ve probably owned 3 Mercedes and 3 houses. All the while, forgetting to take a moment to remember that little girl that was only dreaming. 𗁧 I’m so grateful today that she dreamed. She put in the work and made her dreams come true. Now for some new dreams. Like ummmm #tesla lol Stop today and look at all you’ve done with your life. Marvel at how you made your dreams come true! 𗁧 #begrateful #youdidit Never Stop Dreaming





Good morning Monday! Smile for me sunshine 😊💛 Someone's learning how to play in the kitchen 😅🍲 #MixedVeggies #VeganWannaBe #FrustratedVegan #GettingRidOfMeatSlowly #MyCookingJourny 💚



Do you drink kombucha? My husband looooooves it. This is one of my husband’s favorite brands that only Target carries. He’s actually much healthier with his eating and exercise than I am. He’s NOT picky at all and is a major stereotypical foodie. He loves cooking and trying new/different foods. He gets a lot of credit for helping me to like several foods in the last 18 years we’ve been together. In fact, when we first met I would only order chicken fettuccini Alfredo or macaroni and cheese or steak at a restaurant! 😂 I’ve been leaning towards going vegan lately. Mostly for my gestational diabetes diagnosis. I know that since I’ve been diagnosed earlier this time and it is the 3rd time around, I’m more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. 🙁 My biggest hesitation? No, it’s not my love of steaks. No, it’s not my abilities to come up with recipes. No, it’s not my time management in prepping meals. None of these things worry me, though they certainly apply. No, instead the most pressing issue is my own palate! I’m one of the luckiest eaters. In fact, my hubby and I were discussing it this morning and he said “yeahhh, I don’t think you could do it. You wouldn’t get enough nutrition.” I don’t have a very long list of veggies I like. I’m not a huge fan of nuts or beans. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Despite that, I’ll be over here trying to make myself love some new veggies/foods. If you’re a recovering picky eater, shoot me your tips and tricks! #veganwannabe #pickyeater #ihateonions #kombucha #gestationaldiabetes #advancedmaternalage #pregnancy



hooolaaaa!!! ya volviiiiii!!, quizás igual desaparezzzcaaa de nuevo pero quee impoortaaa😂. me he dado cuenta de que es muy difícil mantenerse constante en las redes sociales cuando se está un poco loco y a parte se es un perfeccionista en potencia. seeea cual fueere, a lo que vinimos... deleitaos vuestras pupilas, pituitaria y glándulas endocrinas con esta ricura que protagonizó mi desayuno este domingo lluvioso. #comolohizolau ??? 😌👇🏼 chekiá! - tostadas de pan ezekiel tostadas en el... tostador. - paltita aplastada y sazonada con un poco de sal rosada. - ya para finalizar... agregué arándanos azules en una y semillas de cáñamo en la otra. permítanme y les informo que ES DELICIOSO y deben de probarlo. al final del día sólo experimentando se expande la mente... (y algunas veces la panza😂) besos cump@s! . . . #tostadassaludables #toasts #avocadotoast #cookingwithatwist #plantbasedliving #plantbasedpower #vegetarianrecipes #veganwannabe #onestepatatime #hempseedsfordays #foodography #foodforthought #photojournal #fotodemicomida #comolohizolau #lauilama



Since I was bedridden for days I started following @sweetpotatosoul and decided to try her roasted sweet potatoes for dinner. I should be sleep right now to get my energy up but I haven't ate any food with real substance all day. It taste pretty amazing!



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