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The concoction inside this bottle is actually about 4 oz of the original Blue Buddha wellness tea (Ashwagandha, Maitake Mushroom, and Indian Gooseberry) + frozen pineapples + aloe vera blended together. It has a lightly sweet and mild flavor, but the benefits of this drink are a-plenty! Good for sharpening focus, counteracting the affects of stress, keeping the body hydrated, keeping the body alkaline while providing vitamins B, C, E, & folic acid, and supporting the immune system, cardiovascular function, liver function, and digestive function. Phew. Aren’t plants cool? 🌱 PS- (vegans): aloe vera is one of the only plant sources of vitamin B-12 !! #vegan #vegansmoothie #veganwellness #bluebuddha





Roses are an ancient skincare ingredient. But the benefits go beyond rosewater. . . . Roses are high in vitamin A and Vitamin C which are both amazing for your skin. Rosewater helps balance your skins pH levels, and ward off pollution irritation. Roses and rosehip oil are also great for treating rosacea. . . . Find roses and rosehip oil in - Nature’s Retinol - rosewater toner - rose cleansing oil - Rose Infused E Serum - Rose garden bar -Rose Turmeric Mask



Fighting a nasty cold so I’ll take allllll the fruits and veggies please! ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ What’s your go-to holistic remedy for a cold? I need all the tips here



Remove limiting beliefs and you will see your genuine self. What a sight to behold.



Spirulina is such a yummy skincare ingredient! The benefits are countless but here are a few. - Rich in Chlorophyll which helps the skin fight free radicals, ward off bacteria. - Rich in magnesium which helps your skin absorb vitamin c properly. - Rich in vitamin A which is the precursor to retinol. - Helps prevent acne breakouts and bacteria growth. . . . Spirulina is a type of seaweed that can be found in alkaline lakes in Africa and South America. We use a powdered form at Wildflower Wolf Beauty. . . . Want to try spirulina? I don’t blame you. You can find it in the Vitamin Sea Mask and the Lemon Muffin Mask. Both masks are also formulated with Vitamin C so you get fresh vitamin c and improved absorption from the magnesium. Get yours today! Link in bio.




A healthy Breakfast is a big deal for an active life style. Top your favorite pancake with a scoop of Frill!



A little sneak peek of our new look! We’ve got a TON of medicinal herbal infusions going and will start posting them as soon as they’re ready! (We like our medicine STRONG) Until then, our entire website is still FOURTY % OFF! Head over to to snag what’s left before it’s gone forever! 🌿💚🌱#yeggers #yegvegan #veganapothecary #veganwellness #veganbeautyproducts #vegan #botanical #herbalinfusion #wildcraft #apothecary #yeg



Español🇵🇪|English🇬🇧 Este año me propuse el objetivo de CRECIMIENTO. No solo profesionalmente, sino también emocionalmente y en mis relaciones. Este año quiero construir mi tribu, conocer gente de ideas afines y hacer crecer mi negocio para poder alcanzar algunos de mis otros objetivos. El año pasado fue bueno, este año será aún mejor. He aprendido mucho y una persona madura y responsable solo avanza para poner en práctica todas esas lecciones. Una persona inmadura (como YO ERA EN EL PASADO) continuaría llorando por el café derramado y pareciendo una VICTIMA ETERNA del mundo, las personas y las circunstancias. Vamos a crecer y florecer juntos. Este año es nuestro! NO OLVIDEN SEGUIR MI NUEVA CUENTA! @lushwholesomealchemy // #planning #journaling #veganwellness #wellnesscoach #holisticcoach #veganperu #veganlima #limavegan #limavegana #veganosperu #peruvegano #veganwomen #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneurwomen #instapreneur #wellpreneur #veganblogger #bloggerperu #wellnessblogger // This year I set the goal of GROWTH for myself. Not only professionally,but emotionally and in my relationships as well. This year I wanna build my tribe, meet like-minded people and grow my business so I can achieve some of my other goals. Last year was good, this year will be even better. I’ve learned a lot and a mature and responsible person only goes forward to put all those lessons to practice. An immature person(like I WAS IN THE PAST) would continue crying over spilled coffee and making herself look like an ETERNAL VICTIM of the world, people and circumstances. FUCK NO. Let’s grow and bloom together. This year is ours! DON’T FORGET TO FOLOW MY NEW WELLNESS ACCOUNT @lushwholesomealchemy 💪🏻💖👩🏻‍🦱🌱🌸🌿🌻✨💻



Oh the possibilities! You are better than the day before because you are never weary of doing good.



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