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My faux pho. Made with Sea Tangle Kelp Noodles from @wholefoods, poached chicken and homemade broth. Garnished with fresh basil, bean sprouts and jalapeño. See the recipe here bit.ly/fauxpho





It can be seriously hard to even know where to start here. We all come with so much baggage when it comes to food and the world is SO NOISY in this area, and really so un-helpful. ✋🏼 . . There is no quick fix. No miracle diet. And what works for me may not even work for you. But I can tell you that coming from a place where I felt like 💩 so I ate like 💩, which made me feel like 💩💩 ; it’s not the answer. . . Please don’t settle for deprivation. Restrictions. Being miserable following a certain “diet”. If you need a place to start, check out the free week of meal plans from the link in my bio. Finding meals like these are exactly the tools that turned our world around. 🍽🥗🍕🥦🌯 . Please take and let me know what you think! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️





@dellacasapasta Squid ink 🦑 linguine, 🌿 homemade basil pesto, 🍤 gulf coast shrimp, artichoke hearts, and Texas cherry 🍅 tomatoes. People always ask for my recipes, but I’m no good with following directions in the kitchen. I did include a pic of my cutting board though, in case that helps! #eatwell #eatlocal #locavore #pasta #pesto #italianfood #treatyoself #weeknightdinner #weeknightmeals #easydinner





Monday night dinner. This doesn’t look like so much Insta/FB wise, but I feel very proud of this meal. . I was trying to use up groceries since we are headed to NYC for Thanksgiving. But nothing fit into my ‘recipes’. So I worked a few things and ended up with the following leveraging @nomnompaleo Amazing All Purpose Stir Fry Sauce. . @nomnompaleo Smashed Cucumber and Carrot Salad (minus the green onions and toasted sesame seeds). . I used @iheartumami.ny technique to prepare chicken prior to stir frying. Made the chicken and set it aside. Then sautéed onions, added bell peppers when those got soft. Then added the sauce (plus a teaspoon of arrowroot powder for thickening) and the chicken with all its juice and let that thicken. . I researched a few fried rice recipes and just threw one together as I already had leftover rice. I sautéed onions and carrots in sesame oil. Once those were soft I scrambled an egg next to them and then mixed it in. Threw in random amounts of coconut aminos, @redboatfishsauce and rice vinegar. . Stuart told me it’s the closest thing he has had in America to English style Chinese takeout. That was the biggest compliment I could ask for...especially given my pan was a little too hot and it got slightly smoky in here (his big pet peeve). . . . . . #stirfry #weeknightmeals #weeknightdinner #wingit #proud #andthereareleftovers #topochico



Butternut squash noodles with lemongrass braised tofu nuggets and coconut curry #vegan #vegetarian #hungryroot #weeknightmeals #plantbased #15minutevegan



#dinnertime🍴😋 Blackbeans quinoa salad- chilli spiced blackbeans and simply salty quinoa over the bed of romaine greens, topped with avacado, tomatoes and salsa with honey mustard dressing( cheese optional). #yummy #vegetarian #vegan #blackbean #quiona #salad #weeknightmeals #cookedfromscratch #homecookedmeals



@theskinnyishdish One-Pot Alfredo w/ Bacon & Peas is what my 8 year old wanted for her birthday dinner!! She’s got good taste. This thing is so freaking good, easy and hearty. I cannot stress enough how delicious it is!!! 8 FSP for 1 1/4 cup 👩🏼‍🍳 Stop drop and roll this right into your meal plan!!l Recipe linked in my bio ❤️ #whomadeitmonday #theskinnyishdish





I don’t normally eat pork....but when I do I pair it with bacon apparently! 😆😂 Don’t know what possessed me to cook this meal, but whatever it was, I’m glad I did! This was the perfect fall comfort meal! I made boneless pork chops with a maple dijon glaze, with mashed turnip, bacon wrapped green beans, and my new favorite product this season....Green Giant Cauliflower Riced Stuffing!! It’s the most delicious way to enjoy all the flavors of this seasonal favorite, without all the fat and carbs!! 😊 . . . To make my simple glaze for the pork chops I just combined 1/4 cup maple syrup, 1 Tbs Dijon mustard and 1 tsp olive oil. I brushed glaze onto pork chops and seared in a skillet for a few mins per side. Then I moved to the oven and baked at 350° until cooked all the way through (about 15 mins or until meat reaches a temp of 145°).





Dietitians, they’re just like us.... they also eat out every night of the week! Last week we ate out or ordered take-out every night. I often get asked (a) if I always cook at home and (b) if not, where do I go to pick up food? Well, the answer to that is (a) no, and (b) check out my newest post! Today, #ontheblog I’m sharing last week’s restaurant picks and sending the reminder that meals don’t have to be complicated or even homemade to fuel you & your active family🙌🏻🎉✨. ________ #lessstress #foodthatfuels #eatingout #diningout #simpledinners #zoeskitchen #celebrationrestaurant #takeiteatzis #easthamptonsandwichco #dallasdietitian #dallas #weeknightmeals #mealstogo



Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic. Sort of. #weeknightmeals #eeeeeats #homecooking #goodeats



Pork cutlets with Cherry Wine Sauce and Roasted Brussels Sprouts. Perfect quick meal on this snowy night. #weeknightmeals #theotherwhitemeat🐷



Crowd Pleaser. Veal Milanese over broccoli rabe. #glutenfree #dairyfree #southernitalian #weeknightmeals



Pasta is the perfect Monday night meal. Quick and easy. I love to make a large batch of sauce and freeze it in ziplock bags for later. Of course right now you can just open a jar of pumpkin alfredo or pumpkin basil pasta sauce. Add any seasonal roasted veggies or parm for garnish. Week night done right! #workingmoms rejoice 🍷 Don’t forget to pour yourself a glass of wine. Cheers! * This photo is used with permission by @thefirstmess She is my go-to for pasta recipes. Dare I say my favorite for healthy, seasonal pasta inspiration. 😮 * * * #workingmomlife #winemom #winemoms #weeknightdinner #weeknightmeals #winelover #moodofmytable #meatlessmonday #pastapasta #pastanight #spaghettinight #farmtotable #farmtofork #seasonalfood #eatseasonal #eatseasonally #mondayfundayinspo #wineblogger #winebloggers #wineblog #wineblogroll #winewinewine #winestagram #buzzfeedfood #nomnom #delish



In need of a cosy meal? Then give me a Kale-lelujah for this Kale, Bean and Pesto Meatball soup with EXTRA parmesan cheese because you can never have to much cheese right? Keep an eye out for this recipe that'll be up tomorrow, because you defiantly need it in your life. Especially everyone in America celebrating Thanksgiving, this is perfect for a light meal after a day of feasting.



Weeknight dinners, harvest style. Tuscan kale salad with honey crisp apples, Vermont farmhouse cheddar cheese and of course topped with Original Spiced Giddy Up Nuts #giddyup #giddyupnuts #gourmet #spiced #almond #smallbatch #smallbusiness #bigdreams #girlboss #losangeles #california #made #snack #foodie #harvest #fall #weeknightdinner #weeknightmeals #eatclean #healthy #healthydinner



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