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Stir Fry Tuesday! Hubby knocked it out of the park with this one 👍🏻 ground pork, lots of veggies, Asian seasonings, all sautéed together in a wok 🥢👌🏻 Best part is, this literally took him 20 min to chop and cook.. I’m really looking forward to leftovers for lunch tomorrow 💯 . . . . . #whole30 #whole30challenge #whole30approved #whole30life #whole30journey #whole30food #whole30meals #whole30lifestyle #whole30compliant #whole30homies #iamwhole30 #fitspo #fitspiration #fitfam #fitcouple #fitgirl #fitgirlsguide #fitgirls #fitgirllife #whole30dinner #whole30round2 #whole30day9 #asianstirfry #healthyeating #healthydinner #hubbysthatcook #chefandrew #castironconcoction



I believe life is a journey of growth ⭐️ When I started coaching 4 years ago, despite the fact that I’m a total introvert, I decided to start sharing everything I was doing. I knew it would be the accountability I needed to finally get the results I’d been wanting for years, and I believed sharing my story on social media could be a way for me to inspire and educate others. It. Was. Frightening. And to this day I can’t say that it’s always Easy. But I just keep on doing it. They say that growth happens outside of your comfort zone and I’m pretty sure that’s the truth. You know what else is crazy to me... I’ve discovered that I love to do live videos. Who would’ve known?! I do them right here against my pretty wallpaper. I LOVE this room so you get to see it a lot 😉 I definitely don’t also know what I want to say, and the videos are far from perfect, yet I love the idea that maybe something will resonate with someone and that could be their turning point. You see, if I never tried... if I was never brave enough to put myself out there... there would never be the chance for anything positive to happen. But you see I’m so fortunate. I have been able to change some lives forever by sharing my story. I’m so grateful for that. It makes me feel like I matter. I am enough. So, I want to wrap up this post with a special shout out to all of my incredible ladies who have become my tribe of mental and physical health warriors. I love you. Thank you for making a positive difference in our world with sharing your stories and helping others achieve wellness ♥️😘♥️



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