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When I was a teacher, I used to spend so much time trying to make things on a bulletin board perfectly straight. It was annoying. And stressful. And then I was like, why am I spending so much time on this insignificant detail and letting it stress me out because I can’t get it perfectly straight?!? . . So I purposely started alternating angles on student work so the imperfect display worked and made sense and I wasn’t getting stressed out over something that didn’t matter. It allowed me to focus on things that did matter. . . Accepting imperfection is freeing. ✌🏼#imperfecteating . . . . . . . #teacherlife #kindergartenteacher #healthyteacher #cleaneating #perfecteatingdoesntexist #normaleating #orthorexia #whole30 #whole30meal #lifeafterwhole30 #whole30alum #whole30recovery #healthymindset #progressoverperfection #imperfectlife #fuckperfecteating #intuitiveeating #bingeeating #bingeeatingrecovery #diet #iifym #ww



Just because I worked late today doesn’t mean I need to order takeout! • Brought the @whole30 Harvest Vegetables and Chicken frozen meal so I would have a healthy dinner while working late! We have basically an unlimited supply of snacks at work and I didn’t want to cave when my hunger hit! • I think I like the Whole30 chicken and asparagus frozen meal better than this one, but it was still pretty good! • How do you keep good habits when you have to work late?





I’m thrilled to be offering another 💙giveaway💙 thanks to @rxbar! One lucky winner will receive 3 sleeves of RXBars AND 2 sleeves of almond butter. What a fantastic bundle, just in time for the January @whole30! These products can come in handy in “emergency” food situations, such as staying late at the office, when you’re stuck in traffic, or while traveling with limited options.❄️ . Here’s how you can win: 1. Follow me @nutritionwithkelly and @rxbar 2. Like this photo 3. Tag a friend you would love to rock the @whole30 with! . You may enter as many times as you’d like. I’ll give five extra entries to anyone who signs up for my January coaching group! . Must be 18+ years old and from the United States to enter. A winner will be chosen at random on 12/10. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram. Good luck!



Omgosh!! This was DELICIOUS!! #whole30 d9m3 beef stew with carrots, celery, onions and potatoes topped with avocado. I could not believe how good this was and so easy! I had forgotten how good food tastes on whole30. #healthylifestyle #whole30approved #whole30compliant #whole30meal #healthyfood #realfood #goals #eatgoodfeelgood



Are you ready to change your life? Join me for a January Whole30 virtual group! Invest in yourself this holiday season, where you can look forward to 40 days of recipes, support, tips, and access to your very own registered dietitian & Whole30 Certified Coach! Link in profile for details. Bonus: If you recruit a friend to sign up with you, I’ll give you each a coupon code for 20% off!





YOU 👏 NEED 👏 TO 👏 MAKE 👏 THESE 👏 RIGHT 👏 NOW 👏 !!!!!! • roast the bacon in the oven on a sheet pan with parchment paper at 400 degrees for 12-13 minutes and set aside. 🥓 • wash & cut the stems off the brussel sprouts and then cut them into halves. if they’re large brussels, you can go ahead and quarter them. toss in 2-3 tbsps of olive oil, and season generously with sea salt and black pepper. pop ‘em in the oven with the leftover bacon fat at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes. 🤤 • the recipe from @maryswholelife calls for toasted pecans and cranberries, along with maple syrup but i didn’t have those ingredients/couldn’t find whole30 compliant substitutions so i just adapted the recipe with bacon and brussels as indicated above. 👌 • these were a HUGE hit with my family and i can’t wait to make them again 😛😍👅💦 • • • #ww #weightwatchers #whole30 #whole30recipe #whole30meal #whole30life #wwfreestyle #freestyleeffect #wwcalifornia #wwsocal #wwinstafam #wwmeals #wwrecipe #wwcommunity #socalsisterhood #lifestylechange #cleaneating #girlsgotgoals #becauseitworks #healthyfood #healthymind #healthylife #paleo



Another nice and healthy breakfast/lunch idea! Poached eggs, fried sweet potato hash, spinach, cherry tomatoes, avocado and grapes. 💛



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