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PUMPKIN WEIGHT REVEAL🎃 Polly pumpkin complete with worts, freshly cut bangs, top notch ponytail and sporting a green headband weighs in at a whopping 5.5 pounds. Just in case you were wondering 🤷‍♀️ #wakeprayslay #itstartswithadream #liveyourbestlife #decide #writeyourownstory #createalegacy #livethelifeyoulove #successdoesnthappenovernight #itstartstoday #whynotyou #newweeknewgoals #goaldigger #entrepreneur #ladyboss



Le persone vedranno sempre e solo il tuo successo....ma quello che hai fatto per diventare chi sei oggi...lo sai solo tu! @s1lviettina @coach_luca82 @rominafranzin @ramona_lar #libertà #successo #iceberg #paure #delusioni #superficie #guadagnoextra #royalties #carrieradacasa #whynotyou Thanks @wolfhero24



Good morning! ☀️ If you had told me almost 3 years ago that I would choose exercising over sleeping 💤 , I would have responded that you were crazy!😜 I mean come on! I am a busy mom who is always on the go with school, our girls sports 🐎⚾️⚽️, the brewery 🍺 and about a million other activities! But there came a point that I was not happy with how I was feeling. My clothes were getting tight, my energy was low and my self-confidence was even lower. 😕 I knew that if I did not make a CHANGE, and quickly, it was only going to get worse! So I bucked up and started the 21 Day Fix. With workouts that are only 30 minutes and an eating plan based on portion control, I had no EXCUSE not to start focusing on ME.👍🏻 Fast forward to today and I am STILL rocking this early morning routine 💪🏻and feeling so much better! I needed to DECIDE that I was important and in order to live the life I wanted and to feel good about it, I needed to STOP 🛑 feeling sorry for myself and making excuses that have no time 🕰 to keep the ONLY body I am ever going to get, healthy and fit. Do I always JUMP out of bed to workout? HECK no! As a matter of fact, recently it has been a struggle! 😫 But I know a HEALTHY me is a HAPPY 😀 me so I do it! Are you READY to feel great and JOIN me?!? The time is NOW! My November Challenge group starts in a few short weeks! Message below and I can tell you the details! #brewerswifelife #craftyourbody#brewedupfitness#challengegroupsrock #coachingmotivates #teaminspirationacademy #beersandbiceps #busymomsstayfit #rockingthreejobs #burningoffthebrews #fitnesscoach #whynotyou #droptheexcusesfindtheresults #excusesdontgetresults #trustyourselfandtheprocess #itsajourneytoabetteryou#craftyourbody#fitbrewcrew



“Il 20% di ogni cambiamento sta nel conoscere come - il restante 80% sta nel conoscere perché.” ANTHONY ROBBINS #Why #WhyNot #WhyNotYou #WhyNotNow



Happy Tuesday! #tt I am continuing to celebrate my 1st year in Beachbody. I have progressed from 1kg weights to 6kg which I will use today!! I would love to help you also have an amazing change... maybe it’s physical? Or mental? OR maybe you want to run a business from home too? I can help, just get in touch 🤗



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