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I have been working through finishing up everyones orders that have been placed in the last few days to be ready to go out either tomorrow morning or by Monday afternoon! I try my best to keep Sunday a day of rest but I also want to be able to get all of your goodies shipped out to you before Christmas! So far it looks like December 20th will be the deadline for USPS Shipping to arrive by the 24th! So if you get your orders in before the 19th I will be a busy little worker bee each day for you all and I will of course be making a run to the post office everyday as well! Otherwise if you order after the 20th, it might arrive a day or so after Christmas depending on when you order. I will again, keep you all posted on when baby Wigton decides to make his appearance as well, but my mom and hubby will do their best to get you your orders ASAP if that is the case! + Many blessings, Stephy 🥰



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