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This art transports me back to a beach on a Brasilian island, rip tide calmer than usual, as Wombxn enter into Mãe Oceanas healing embrace. Naked, covered in ajilla verde, urucum and curcuma. Each female present to honour her and her fellow sisters journey of the Sacred Feminine. It's these memories that inspire me and move me towards wanting to hold space for other Wombxn. It's the encounters I've had and the friendships that have blossomed with guerreiras across Pachamama that have showed me where I must place more energy. It's only recently that I have become more comfortable with being a woman, never mind having a vagina and bleeding every month. Yeah, this is part of the road as a woman, but to celebrate this is something entirely different. This is where I feel called more and more each day to gather Wombxn together to celebrate each other in various ways. Through ceremony, through creating safe spaces, through singing, dancing, invoking creative fire, sharing stories and shaking heavy shit off! This is where all of you sisters come in. I am slowly germinating seeds for Wombxns gatherings. Small and intimate to begin with and if it is meant to be, then these gatherings, events, ceremonies can expand, maybe not in the amount of women that attend each gathering, but where these events are happening. Many sisters want and need this. This is part of our ancestry. We deserve to be held and uplifted by other women. It's in our Moon Blood. 🔻So, (as short notice as this is) I invite all Wombxn to join me and the other sisters for an evening of, trading clothes and other items, eating healing foods, sharing stories and whatever else unfurls with our Magick ⭐️🌙⚡️ I wasn't quite sure about extending this to other sisters yet, but why the fuck not?! • 14th November (Wednesday) Cape Town *I will add in a time and place soonest!* • You're all invited! ❤️🌀🌹 Art: @brittawaechter #livinglifeforlilu #wombxnfire #sacredfeminine #bruxas #guerreiras #moonblood #womensgathering #nevertoosoon #whythefucknot #honour #sacredself #inspired #ancestralhealing #redtent #capetown #southafrica #sisters #irmãs #magick #art #pachamama #mãeterra







Band pic🤩 so very thankful for these talented musicians serving at @jubilee_church #womensgathering #deeplyrooted conference these truly are #womenofvalor





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