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To stay organised as a self employed driver I set myself #smarttargets and goals particularly when it comes to earnings. From what I’ve experienced so far, if you have the right #strategy , you can potentially earn £20/hour. Saturdays can be pretty busy and you can expect £25 or even up to £30/hour during peak times. This kinda money won’t make you rich but if you’re getting less than this in your current job and it’s stressing you out, then ask yourself it really worth it? Last weekend before Xmas. Let’s get the party started!! 🍾 🥳 (Non-alcoholic obv 🤪)



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Funny how this popped up today after i posted about the importance of good sleep! I actually went to bed about an hour earlier than usual last night and woke up feeling pretty good! I am NOT a morning person, so for me to get right out of bed and get started on the day-I think I’ll try this extra hour of sleep again tonight! I was able to get the kids off to school, have my coffee in peace and quiet and get about an hour of work done on my business before anyone else was up. That is a HUGE win! #sleep #moresleep #feelingrefreshed #workfromhome #momsthatworkfromhome #workanywhere #workanytime #rodanandfields #bestjobever #joinme #abusinessforanyone #lifechangingskincare #lifechangingbusiness #doitscared #bestdecisionever #bestskinever





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