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I stopped by Pretty Bird today and the chicken sandwich they handed me was so colossal that I needed to resort to this picture from a few weeks ago so I could let the sheer mass of the entity sink in for a little bit. It'll hit your feeds eventually. For now, just know that if you reside in the state of Utah and haven't visited yet, you're not quite living. They may just be the catalyst to the birth of a rapidly growing food scene, and when the food historians of the future examine Salt Lake to see how such a vibrant gastronomic culture was born in a city like this, they can look at my gravestone and nod their heads in approval when they see "I went to Pretty Bird enough to get a friends and family discount" inscribed on it. Be there.



Whats your favorite part about cooking for a crowd? Had the most stunning rack of Kurobuta pork tonight. It reminded me of why I love getting in the kitchen and playing with food. The folks at @snakeriverfarms sent this my way and I couldn't wait to try it and share it with friends. No fancy tricks or tools. Just an old fashioned roast, pulled at 140 and allowed to rest, observed over glazed root veggies. Recipe coming soon! . . . . . . . . . . . . #girlcarnivore #meat #meatetarian #foodporn #foodblogger #f52grams #foodphotography #instafood #instayum #yahoofood #buzzfeast #huffposttaste #pork #forkyeah #eater #eeeeeats #foodislove #foodphotography #foodie #foodphoto  #feedfeed #beatifulcuisines #instafood #homemade #onthetable #onmytable #nomnomnom #tryitordiet #saveurmag #eatdelicious



Finally made a stop by @stonemillmatcha to try the matchazuke with salmon! Their matcha and black sesame pastries are great to pair with unsweetened matcha mizudashi if you’re not in the mood for a savory meal 👍🏼🍵 I like to bring friends from out of town here to chat over a good cup of tea 😌



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