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Oh yeah, it’s here— Nibble Gingerbread! Based on a traditional Swedish gingerbread recipe, these yummy bites are topped with chopped almonds and gently spiced with a blend of ground ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Seriously YUM! And these delicious bites are are packed with protein (21%) and just contain 1g of sugar per piece. Unbelievable!! Our limited edition festive gingerbread packs are available exclusively from while supplies last! #stockingstuffer #christmas #festive #gingerbread #nibbleprotein #protein #lowersugar #lowGI #vegan #biscuitybites #glutenfree #dairyfree #healthyeating #healthysnacks #snacks #healthy #healthfood #food . . . #yogi #fitness #motivation #yogai #physique #passion #learn #yogapose #yogawellness #bodymindsoul #strength #yogatherapy


Tomorrow marks my three month anniversary of being a yoga teacher. I still count my lucky stars every day and have so much gratitude to all of those who have helped me over the past year and given me the opportunity to make my dream a reality. I teach 4 classes a week and have the most amazing students ever. I'm still learning and growing and I'll never stop being a student myself... I'm looking forward to more training in 2019 ✨ I have my first workshop coming up next Friday and it's fully booked! A wonderful winter workshop for complete relaxation. I have another workshop at the end of January at the University, there are only a couple of spaces left! If you would like to book please message me and I'll send you some more information! ✨Also, this Friday I have been given the opportunity to hold a couple of sessions for the midwifery students at the University aimed for relaxation and stress relief. It's such a good way to help the students, especially during such busy times of studying and placement. Mental health and overall wellbeing is so important and I hope that by sharing Yoga it will make a difference and hopefully help people on their journey to a better healthier life 💛 Love and gratitude always - Om Shanti ✌️



Restorative yoga is a soothing inward form of yoga. The body is encouraged to relax in calm poses where you are supported with soft bolsters, blocks and cozy blankets while the mind is invited to slow down. During the class we will gentley place heated stones on the body during these deep restorative poses. Next workshop: Monday Dec 17th . Retreat Yoga & Wellness . . . # #RestorativeYoga #YogaTouch #YogaWellness #RelaxWeGotYou #YogaLove #YogaOntario #Balance #CollingwoodYoga #YogaGirls #Midland





Place one foot gently on ground my dear. Test the waters. To see if this is the balance you wish to achieve. Fall my dear. Move with the waves. As they wash over you. Play my dear. Release the boundaries. Limits. Beliefs. And. Find the stillness you desire. Be steady my dear. As you flow. Knowing that it is not what you see you seek. It is what you feel. And. As you play with a curious heart. You then feel that which is already pulsing inside of you. As you ground each foot steady on the path. Created. By you. #balance #namaste 🌊✨💚 @mysoultrips 📷 @barefoot_and_wild_



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