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Freckle city. Coke on tha titties. Dreaming big. Paradise city.


And it all comes down to you Well, you know that it does, well Lightning strikes maybe once, maybe twice


Time cast a spell on you. But you won’t forget me- You know who you are.


So fresh. And makeup free. Hair by @kylemihmhair Bleach: @joico blonde life powder lightener


A bitch play with my money might as well spit in my food. Hollywood block me all you want. I’m still coming. If I was you I’d be scared too, don’t worry Hollywood always gonna need background extras.


When he says to come over but your horse is broken.


Felt cute en route to gym.


If I cry, it’s because I’m very angry and I can’t do anything about it because I’ve run into a dead end. That’s when the tears would come down. — Rihanna @badgalriri


Took a minute to reflect and reminisce about good times at the lake with Justin. Miss him a lot.


Ignore the silly 30 under 30 list that the internet throws at you before you’ve even had your morning cup of coffee. If I had to read 25 actresses who broke through before 25 … When I was first starting out, I tell you guys, I would have stayed in bed because I guarantee you that none of them looked like me. None of them.- @octaviaspencer Another actress I have admired since a young age. I remember watching any of her earlier roles and immediately feeling emotion to the characters. Her versatility as an actress, embracing herself and making her own journey on no ones timeline has inspired me to keep things moving and to not give up. I will never forget her first Oscar win. I cried the second they said her name.


I can be. I do not normally try to be. In fact, there have been some reviews—which I’ve loved—that said I didn't try to sell my show on sex, that I sang my show. On the other hand, I know I'm cute. I can dance. I don't have a bad figure. I know exactly what I am. I'm certainly no great beauty. I know exactly how far I can go. A quote by Someone who has greatly inspired me as a woman. @stevienicks Her realness and honesty has helped me embrace myself and realizing women are so much more than a beauty image selling sex and to focus on your talent.


WE WERE on a BREAK, ROSS. My whole 90s childhood I grew up wanting to be like Rachel from friends. I loved how sassy and beautiful she was. But even with those qualities she never took shit from anyone. That’s what I loved the most. @jenniferanistononline is one of my favorite actresses and I aspire to one day have a career like hers. Photo: @studyofnight Hair: @b_yourstylist



Teaching my niece how to catch grasshoppers. They make the best bait for fishin. #country


Texan at Heart. Born and raised.


Make it hoe, but nature @tyrabanks